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How to take care of your puppy in the first 2 days

From what to know when buying a German shepherd dog in our previous article, I am sure you will want to read  How to start breeding dogs for business. I have been overwhelmed by questions regarding puppy care.

Part one of this article will cover tips on puppy day care for the first 2 days.

Puppies' 1st Day

Today is extremely critical for the new puppy as are the next several days.

He will be nursing almost constantly but he is not getting milk from the dam. He is getting 'colostrum'. It is a sort of thin yellowish-milky fluid. Colostrum is the fluid that contains all the antibodies against the many viruses that could make the puppy sick and it is extremely important that he gets all he can over the next 48 hours, before the dam begins producing real milk.

When he is not nursing, he is sleeping. It is normal for all the puppies to make a 'mewling noise' almost constantly. There is nothing wrong with them, if they feel full and are warm.

Their little legs and bodies …

Herbal Plants used for Alternative Medicine with no side effect

In a sad note, most indigenous informants keep herbal knowledge, especially the actual preparation methods, strictly secret. Luckily, an aged medicine man from Gatundu in Central Kenya, whose great knowledge of medicinal plants facilitated the write-up of this article.
In part one of this article, plants are grouped according to their medicinal use. According to the aged medicine man, simply boil the leaves, roots or the bark; add honey or milk or soup to sweeten the concoction. He recommends taking a glass in the morning and in the evening for preventive measures. 
He cautions on their medicinal uses which should be considered as neither preparation methods nor dosage prescription are provided. This is a topic that would require much more time and I have decided to leave it for part two of this article.
Best Herbal Plants for alternative Medicine with no side effects

I have grouped their medicinal uses in three parts which are,       Alternative medicine for preventive measuresHerbal …

4 ways to be aware of secondary costs when becoming a homeowner

When buying a house you should always be aware of all the secondary costs. In order to know more about other primary costs, I am sure you will love reading How to Become a Homeowner for Less.

The cost of a house is never just the asking price. I have divided these secondary costs in three parts: maintenance,bargaining power, being money wise and repairs. Maintenance If you plan on buying a town house , you will want to know what the monthly maintenance fees are. These fees will always vary based on the location and the services offered to the residents.
Even if you are not buying a house, secondary costs may still be a factor. Some houses fall under the authority of a resident's association that may require you to keep up a certain appearance (which could mean having security guards, water services). Bargaining Power Buying a house is nothing like buying  retail; everything is negotiable. Make an offer on the low side, but always make it a reasonable offer. An unreasonable offer w…