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Simple guide on how to reclaim your lost privacy

As a Kenyan, why should I be wary of facebook privacy controls? I always get amazed at how naive most of us (facebook users) are when it comes to these controls.

Facebook (fb), has made quiet changes to its privacy settings, ones that an 'ordinary' Kenyan needs to understand if they are going to manage the distribution of our personal information. I find Facebook useful, mostly as a way to stay in touch with a select set of my friends and former co-workers.

It's not my public soapbox nor a window into my personal life, left open to the world — for that, I have blogs and Twitter.

As much as I like Facebook, it has a flaw that I'll never see in my blogs and hopefully never see with Twitter. It seems the proprietors of fb find it necessary, desirable, or profitable to change member privacy settings, usually with little notice to members.

In every case I can think of, privacy settings have become more relaxed — more open, if you will.

What's beneficial for fb, however…

5 Tips To Safe Online Banking

Forget all the doomsayers, online banking is safe and extremely useful for managing your money, including any savings account.

Just like the name ‘online’ suggests, this is a business carried out purely over the Internet and therefore there is no physical prove of identification which makes it more prone to cases of fraud.Here are some of the sensible precautions that I apply when I use Internet banking. This simple steps involved doesn't require a computer geek rather a savvy PC user.

Prevention is your best defense. The best way to keep your PC running smoothly is to prevent problems before they occur. Here are a few tips:

# 1 Use Virus Protection

If you want to maintain your computer you must use anti-virus protection. Viruses can damage your computer to the point that you have to either restore your computer to previous date or you may even have to reinstall Windows all together.

Get a free copy of AVG or Microsoft Security Essentails (MSE)anti-virus. MSE is a security suite,…

Running with Kenyans; Life Lessons

You might think that being a Kenyan I was born with perfect running technique. I’m actually not an avid runner and more often I would have to go to Marathon events to take photos rather than run myself.

My cup of tea has always been a walk at the park.

In the few times when I actually did participate in running events for charity, and I reach that point where I couldn’t think of anything else but quit, I would eventually find myself recalling the below lessons from running.

A good cause can give you inspiration to do something difficult

You need to be humbled on every front: culturally, physically and spirituallywhen making preparation to achieving a worthy cause. Nothing comes easily in life.

It’s the little things and small choices we make that usually affects us most

While running, you can easily see and avoid the obstacles ahead of you – other runners, big rocks on the sidewalk, lamp posts. However, you'll notice that the things you often ignore and discount as nothing…