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How to Maintain High Internet Speed in your Modem

Probably you have seen these 'small gadgets' that most homes use to connect to Internet?

These 'small gadgets' are called modems. They are popular compared to the close alternative 'Wi-Fi' because they are affordable and easiest means to get Internet connectivity through three operators: Safaricom, Airtel and Orange.

Despite the easier access, there is still widespread lack of understanding on how to choose one from the other to give you real value for your money. You may think pricing is the main focus when purchasing a modem, it is all about speed and reliability, without which the gadget can be a source of everyday frustration!
Why is Your Internet Modem Slow?
So you're about to pull your hair, with the annoyance of everyday painfully slow Internet connectivity? the choice of which modem to purchase can be confusing especially with every provider out there claiming to offer the best.

In my own view, the main difference between them is speed, which large…