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Anti Wrinkle Cream Review - What To Look out for When Buying It

Do anti wrinkle creams really work? If so, why do certain international celebrities appear on TV swearing by a certain anti aging cream when it's so obvious they have been fully botoxed? If their anti-aging cream is so amazing why do they need a facelift?

All wrinkle or anti-aging creams promise to reduce wrinkles and several claim to reverse sun damage, but how much of this is true?

Research suggests some anti-wrinkle creams contain various active properties that could improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on your face but if you're expecting an overnight facelift in a jar, you'll probably be disappointed. The effect of an anti-aging cream will all depend on how well it suits your skin, how long you use it for and how many active ingredients it contains.

What To Look out for When Buying an Anti Wrinkle Cream

Next time you're going shopping for an anti-aging cream, look out for any of the following ingredients:

Retinol: This is a vitamin A compound that work…

Women's Health Concerns at 20s and 30s

Your 20's is when you are at your physical peak and also when you tend to take your health for granted because you rarely fall sick. You are working hard at your career, partying hard, missing meals and living on junk food. Peer pressure to look slim leads to diet and binge cycles, yet this is the time you need to build a strong foundation for your health for future well being.

Health Concerns: This is the time when you are very active intimately and it'll determine a lot of factors about your reproductive health in the later years. Contraception is important as it enables you to have children when you are ready. Therefore, get correct advice on what best suits you.Others include:

Establish a routine of self-breast examination and yearly pap smear. If you are intimate, have you first pap smear done if you haven't.You are exposed to the risks of STDs, so condom is a must if you have more than one partner or if you are not sure of the one you have. Establish good nutritional …

Herbal Treatment for Impotence in Men

Over the years, various rural areas have formulated their own unique herbal remedies to cure sterility in men. Traditionally, impotence in men was perceived as a sign of a paternal crisis and a curse from the gods. People who suffered from this condition were often mocked and abused as being 'sinners' and therefore, this kind of response made many of them avoid going to the hospital where they could receive treatment.

Instead, the victims opted to use the services of traditional healers (herbalists) who would use indigenous remedies to heal. Here are African secrets to herbal treatment of impotence in men, practised especially amongst the Kenyan communities.

Among the Kamba, Inywa manzi (Commiphora sp.), kyuna, mukanu and Kisemei (Acacia nilotica) were the trees popularly used by herbalist to treat cases of sterility in men. The herbalist ensured that pieces of the bark each plant were of the same quantity then they are cut into small pieces and thoroughly boiled. the resul…

Beware of Certain Food additives in Processed Foods

Processed foods are convenient. They are simple to prepare, keep longer and have improved texture and flavor.  But, most processed foods also have additives which may have negative effects on your health. some of these food additives include preservatives, flavoring agents, coloring agents, emulsifiers, sweeteners, texturisers and stabilizers.

It is the responsibility of the manufacturers to ensure that their food products are clearly labelled. some of the common food additives are:

Preservatives: Examples are calcium propionate, sodium benzoate, sorbic acid, sulphites and sodium nitrates. Nitrites can be converted to nitrosamines in the body. Nitrosamines have been shown to cause cancer. Sulfites can cause reactions in some people, especially asthmatics. they are generally banned in fresh fruits and vegetables except potatoes.

Flavoring agents: Used to enhance and create new flavors. Flavoring agents include spices, essential oils, monosodium glutamate (MSG), vanillin and limonene. So…

Rabbit Keeping Business - Raising Rabbit for Meat

Did You Know? Rabbit meat is highly nutritious, easily digested, rich in protein (25 %), low in fat (6 %), low in cholesterol (135 mg/100 g) and a good source of Vitamin B-group, with only a small amount of uric acid formed during metabolism.

In addition, rabbit meat is low in sodium, which is advantageous to people with heart problems. Rabbit farming is a lucrative business with a modest investment for simple facilities and a small land area, the meat commands premium prices compared to mutton, beef and poultry.

For example, rabbit meat may cost twice that of beef on a per kilogram basis, with an adult male rabbit weighing up to 4kg and a small rabbit farm holding 15 to 100 rabbits. I know you'll never go wrong keeping rabbits. Also, rabbits are used for their hides and urine (which is used as organic spray to fight pests in vegetables and other crops). To start you off, here is a step-wise guide to raising rabbit for meat:

Housing: Small rabbit units are constructed around the ba…

Shopping on the Internet-How to Seek Better Deals Online

The Internet has opened the door to new ways of shopping. Perhaps the greatest example of this are the many online auction sites. Online shopping brings numerous amount of goods right to your home or office and access to items that we would not normally come into contact with.

You make a choice from dozens and dozens of items that before were only available at trade fairs. It is as if someone dropped off extensive catalogues from thousands of stores at your doorstep. Shopping on the Internet  offers convenience and time-saving benefits to shoppers, as compared to shopping in traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

This mode of shopping eliminates agonizing traffic jams, rude clerks, pickpockets to contend with, no bad weather to travel under, nor any transportation cost involved; the Internet allows shoppers to develop their own timetables for research and purchasing. Because of the internet's powerful search-ability. It is far easier to track down all the top vendors of certain pro…

Morning After Contraception-Its Effectiveness and Side Effects

Does Morning After Pill Work?

Today and the most Mondays, as many sulky people drag themselves to work or college, chemists will be a happy lot. Like the pubs and guesthouses that made a fortune over the weekend, they too, will rake in money through the sale of anti-hangover drugs and the morning-after pill. Many young and college girls are resorting to emergency contraceptives after every act of unprotected intercourse.

Research by Family Health International estimates that 16 per cent of boys and 5 per cent, girls aged between 10 to 14 have had intimate intercourse. By the age 20 to 24, about 90 per cent have had coitus. At this age, 60 per cent of the girls have had intercourse.

Use of contraceptives is one of the existing solutions as a birth control pill. The most controversial is the morning-after pill. These are high dosage of the normal birth control pills, sometimes a double dose is prescribed. Taking two birth control pills daily for 72 hours could serve the purpose. The mos…

Essential Oils Reviews-The Healing Power of scent

Scent has always been considered a key factor in setting 'moods'. We light rose-scented candles for romantic evenings or apply a fruity perfume on warm, summer afternoons. The aroma of fresh bread brings back the delicious numbness of a tongue burnt on cookies straight out of the oven, while the fragrance of lilies may be connected to special ceremony.

We link important moments with smells and memories are often triggered by familiar scents. However, the effect of smell runs much deeper than just the tasteful treat, it provides our olfactory nerves. Extracts, referred to as essential oils, are derived from various plant parts: roots, leaves, bark, stalk, flowers or fruits. The extraction which is done through distillation has herbal properties that heal such ailments as headaches, body-aches and anxiety hence the name aromatherapy. Before plunging into the scent-pool, here are a few basics on aromatherapy.

Fragrance Oils vs. Essential Oils

A fragrance oil is a synthetically pr…

Home Tips-10 ways to Improve Your Cake Baking Recipe

When your cake baking recipe calls for the cake pan to be dusted with flour after greasing, sprinkle the pan generously with wheat germ instead. It keeps the cake from sticking and adds nutrients. Here are 9 other ways to improve your cake recipe:
Use salted butter for baking. It will make all of your cakes and biscuits taste much professional.To add an interesting flavor to a chocolate cake, beat four tablespoons or more of smooth or crunchy peanut butter into the butter-sugar mixture. Beat in the eggs, then proceed with the recipe and bake as directed.To melt chocolate squares, place in a plastic bag, tie and set the bag in boiling water. When melted, let the chocolate cool for a moment, cut off a corner of the bag and squeeze. If you prefer to use a microwave, break the chocolate into squares and place in bowl. Microwave for 4-6 minutes until soft.When melting chocolate take care not to over-heat or it'll go grainy. Also, take care not to get any drops of water in the chocolate…

Foreign Body in the Ear-How To Remove them

It's not uncommon to have a person present with a foreign body lodged in one or both ear canals. These foreign objects may be solid such as peanut, maize kernel or a stone; or soft bodies such as wax, cotton wool or paper. In the ear canal, natural wax may be impacted into the deeper medial end of the external ear canal or even onto the tymphanic membrane itself and may act as a foreign object.

It is quite common following an attempt to clean the ear canal with an impoverished cotton bud. Over the years wax may become deeply impacted in the ear canal and even on the membrane by 'do-it-yourself' attempts to remove the wax with a cotton bud. Also, daily repetitive insertion of hearing aid mould into the ear canal may impact wax deep into the canal causing a dangerous conductive hearing loss. Moths, beetles or other insects are from time to time seen lodged in the ear canal.

The insect may be alive and cause thunderous or alarming racket to you. Usually the membrane is not i…

8 Things to Know About Unit Trusts

Unit trust are pooled investments. This means the money collected comes from many people. It is collected by a company, which then invests in various financial instruments such as infrastructure, stocks, money market, bonds and many others.

As an investor you are relieved of the duty of studying the market, because you have given that responsibility task to the investment company whom you trust will do their best to make your money grow. To better understand what you are getting yourself into, here are 8 things to know about unit trust:

There are No Guarantees: As a potential investor you should be aware that the capital investment amount is not guaranteed when investing in unit trust, shares and some other investments. In fact, the value of these types of investments fluctuates according to movements in the financial markets.

Match Investments to Needs: It is essential to choose a unit trust that will best meet your objectives. Normally a client's investment needs will be determin…

How to Avoid Being a Victim of Online and Credit Identify Theft

Beware some of those credit cards that banks are offloading to many of us. The information they contain, which allows you to conduct electronic business is not foolproof. It is also store online as back-up and can be accessed by unscrupulous hackers and fraudsters.

This is more so in Internet trade where computer wizards may take advantage of programming loopholes, unsecured sites and personal greed to clean out your account. eCommerce is the way of the future fast, convenient and flexible but it is full of technical hurdles.

An example of an identity theft story, is computer wizard Raphael Gray, who hacked into a website in 2001 and downloaded all the details of credit cards including Microsoft Bill Gates'. He then send him a consignment of Viagra, just to show him he meant well. Globally, the fastest growing crime is identify theft. It is getting more sophisticated by the day. Once your identity has been phished such as through a lottery syndicate, hardly a coin will be left in…

Weight Gaining Tips for People Living With HIV/Aids

When a person is not eating adequate food portions or sometimes when the food that they have eaten is not well absorbed, weight loss can occur. Hence, the body draws from its reserve stores of energy, which mainly come from body fat and muscle protein. Therefore, this leads to loss of body weight and muscle. Weight loss in adults is normally gradual and sometimes may not be that obvious. But when a person loses about 10 per cent of their body weight or about 6 to 7 kg in a month, then there is a cause for concern.

Special Eating Requirements for People with Aids

People infected with Aids develop special eating requirements and therefore needs to ensure they are put on a balanced diet. This will help them meet their increased nutrient essentials and hence maintain their nutritional status while avoiding the risks of weight loss.

A person living with Aids has increased energy and nutrient necessities as the body's defense system tries to work hard to fight the infection. Generally a…

Mortgage Loan Repayment-How Tracking It Can Save You a Fortune

When you take out a mortgage, it is helpful to keep close track of your repayments and interest rate changes from time to time. Just the same way you track the price change on the stock exchange after buying shares. Any change, positive or otherwise, is worth an action.

To eventually become a homeowner, you should review your mortgage repayments when there is a big change such as a new job, interest rate fluctuation, when you get a big lump sum or a pay raise, or just once in a year. These checks should help you determine a number of issues to assist in freeing you obligation on time or early. they should help you answer such questions as to whether you are still making mortgage payments that are bigger than you can comfortably afford. Whether you can put in more cash to reduce your balance or whether you should call it quits before it is too late.

The economic sense of this checks is seen when the answers to the above questions are put to their financial advantage. Like the realizat…

Personal Care Items-Why You Should Think Twice Before Sharing

While sharing of various personal items and products within a family brings a sense of togetherness, not to mention harmonizing the household budget, it can also be a mode of 'sharing' disease-causing germs. Some of these personalized items include:

Hair Tools

Combs, brushes, headscarves and cutters are commonly shared items that can spread fungal infections of the scalp, hair and skin. The infection are varied and range from a mild formation of dandruff to widespread oval or round patches of hair loss, which may sometimes discharged pus.

Ringworm is mainly a disease of children and is more common in boys than girls. In adults, it is more common in women than men, owing to increased exposure to infected children, and hormonal factors. Head lice normally occurs in school-going children. The lice are transmitted most effectively through head-to-head contact but can also be passed through sharing of clothing, headgear, pillow or combs and brushes.

Shoes and Socks

Fungal infection…