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How to Cure Ringing in The Ears

DID YOU KNOW? Your unborn child is at a risk of having hearing loss during pregnancy, if you're exposed to loud noises!

Any sound level over 80dB (decibel), may cause inner ear hearing loss. Two factors are of dominant importance:  duration of exposure and intensity of sound. Close up intense unhealthy sounds lasting microsecond such as gunshots, explosions, fire crackers may cause severe permanent hearing loss. Longer exposure to high intensity sounds such as music, vacuĆ¼m cleaners, lawnmower, electrical kitchen appliances, vehicle horns, sirens and industrial noise may also cause noise damage.

Hearing Loss Solution: Resounding Hearing aids

Hearing aids are modern technological wonders, whose creation is to help us to restore our ability to hear without sacrificing our cosmetic appeal. They provide sound amplification from mild to intense deafness, provided that the inner ear has a residual function.

How to Deal with Excess Gas in the Stomach

We all experience gas problems in the stomach at one time or another. For some, it is an everyday ordeal. However, the degrees vary. But when this translates to a bigger problem and not just a personal inconvenience, then there is a cause for alarm.

First, you may have to find out which foods are fighting back. Different types of food will cause gas to different people. Find out which foods do not go well with you. This will be best achieved by recording all your problem foods. Modifying your eating habits is the first step towards coping with gas.

If that does not provide relief, then it means the problem is not just a normal reaction to eating, but a symptom of an underlying disorder. Here are several causes of excessive stomach gas:

Tips for Caring for Leather Couches

Leather furniture is among the most stylish of all furnishing that you can buy. This kind of leather sofas are greatly desired both for its class and for the simplicity of its look. Therefore, how do you take care of your valuable leather furniture? 

Here are tips for caring for your leather couches:

How to Maintain a Healthy Heart for Women Under 40

Most younger women, in their 20's and 30's, rarely give a thought to matters such as heart attacks, often they view heart disease as an "old people's problem". But the idea that our hearts are healthy until they actually stop beating is wrong. Heart attacks in women under 40 are not common because they are still protected by hormones, but, that doesn't mean they don't happen.

How can a young woman with a full, active life recognize the warning signs of heart attack? Warning symptoms include unusual short-ness of breath after an activity, back pain and headaches and rapid and irregular heart beat. Though, heart disease might be the last thing in your mind, there are some major risk factors that you must keep in mind. The following are five tips that can reduce the younger woman's risk of heart disease during the active part of her life.

How to Avoid Frizzy Hair in The Morning

Tied of dry frizzy hair every morning? Caring for your hair during the day is not enough. Protection at night is equally important. Not preparing your hair before going to bed can cause you unnecessary damage. Protecting your hair at night is beneficial for various reasons that include style maintenance, moisture retention as well as breakage reduction.

6 Extreme Weight Loss Programs to Be Avoided

Some programs such as skipping meals, eliminating certain food groups or even relying on supplements to fix a junk food diet are among the best ways to lose weight, but such behaviour are unlikely to cause significant health consequences. However, other dieting tactics can be downright risky and can cause serious health issues.

People get so focused on weight loss that they are willing to undertake unproven and potentially dangerous things. Extreme dieting can also increase the risk of developing eating disorders. Here are other extreme weight loss programs that should be avoided: