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There are no shortcuts in the game of life

In our society, there are no moral shortcuts in the game of life. There are, basically, three kinds of people: the unsuccessful, the temporarily successful, and those who become and remain successful.

Between this groups, the obvious difference is the amount of money they have. Personally, I believe that the real gap between the successful and the unsuccessful is really NOT their monthly income.

To think that the only difference between the rich and the poor is the size of their bank account is very short-sighted. This is because in reality, the amount of money one has is actually just a consequence of one’s character – and that is where the real gap lies.

Besides the the rich and the poor, there is also the temporarily successful (middle class). How different are they from the two? Moreover, why do some people manage to get out of being poor but get stuck in being middle class? Why can’t they progress and become rich?

Below is a list of comparison that will answer these questi…

Badilisha to CFL Lightbulbs in Plain English

According to the Government Press release 2010, Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) imported 1.25 million Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) for free distribution at the cost of Shs.380.4 million.

Why such a huge expense for purchase of CFLs bulbs, you may ask? Heck, what are CFLs, anyway?

Though we call them light bulbs, traditional incandescent bulbs are actually small heaters that give off a little bit of light--something you know if you've ever touched a bulb that's been on for a while. These bulbs were technological wonders when they were patented in 1880, but today they are inefficient dinosaurs. They waste energy and money, and they are responsible for millions of tons of global warming pollution.

To understand in Plain English importance of CFLs, click the video below.

What solutions are there for light bulbs?
CFL's are the solution -- they use 70-75% less electricity and give off only a little bit of heat.

Here's are the benefits of CFL's:
Use 75% less en…

Computing Insecurity; Fake Antivirus

The internet has enhanced our lives in nearly every way - connecting us to the people and information we care about, keeping us entertained, help us find answers we need and enabling us to be more productive than ever. However, as more of the things we do daily depend on the internet, online crime has risen in turn.

With the landing of the optic cable, we should brace ourselves to cyber crime. What is cyber crime anyway?

Scenario: A fellow's 'genuine' security software, which he normally sees as a flashing notice that his computer is infected with a virus, provided a link to software that can be downloaded after payment. He instead got a virus rather than an anti-virus.

Above scenario is an example of the ever increasing sophisticated and deceptive methods 'cyber crime' that are creeping into our online life.

These 'attacks' include Malware and Phishing.

Malware, is a software that a cyber criminal can use to steal your bank account information, track every…

Which site is right for you ?

Facebook. LinkedIn. Twitter.

Above are the main sites that make online social networking possible, but not every Kenyan feels bold enough to sign up for all of them.

If you're wary and currently still experimenting on them, a professional-friendly Facebook profile should do the trick. This is made possible with a little help from Facebook's privacy features. To draw the line between personal and professional use, I assign a Partial Profile setting to professional contacts to control what they can see in my profile.

What you get from me online is 100 percent me…but you don’t get 100 percent of me. It's good to cover your tracks, you just never know what spills over.

Here's a simple guide on how to create a professional-friendly Facebook profile. Go to the Edit Profile section of your profile to edit each of these areas:

You can get to the Edit Profile area by first clicking the Info tab, then the edit pencil in the top-right corner. Also, it may help to know that an…

Simple investing guide for you.

We've attended forums, Sacco meeting, hired personal financiers just to tell us how to spend our money. Don't get me wrong, all this is most appreciated but the best person to guide your finances is YOU.

There was a buzz on investing especially in NSE, Bonds plus other avenues. This mode of investments caught Kenyans by surprise. We rushed to our piggy banks broke them open just to buy Safaricom, Kengen shares. Some years down the line we're still broke.Moreover, we're on debt considering we bought the shares on credit from the banks.

We are not afraid of investing but where do we start? If you’re this type of person, then here’s a simple investing guide for you.

Savings Account
Before thinking of becoming an investor, first be a saver.

I’ve always believed that more investment builds from savings unlike economist notion of 'spend more and make more'.

Having a savings account has three purposes.

First, to build your emergency fund. Second is to teach you how t…

For men: how to never moon a werewolf

It may seem true to the old adage ' Nice men finish last' but how is this justifiable. I came across an article which I believe is an eye opening to most men; whether nice or otherwise.

If your relationships never seem to bring you anything but pain, it may simply mean you're choosing crazy ladies, and there are a lot of them out there. Contrary to popular belief, the craziest ladies have NOT been in therapy. The ones who are truly crazy stay far, far away from help.

Following are the classic types of women not to poke; the class types was first published in

The Deviant
At first, the Deviant is a lot of fun, the bad girl down the block your mother always told you to stay away from. In the beginning, it's a kick to be with her. She's always doing the unexpected. If the light says red, she zooms through. If there's a new illegal drug, she's the first to try it. If there's a new illicit or amoral activity, she gets excited and can…