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How To Choose The Right eBook Reader and Software for Reading Digital Books

Shopping for a Kindle, Nook or iPad? At first glance, the task seems intimidating as the choices are many. Though, the list of good choices is actually fairly short. And the best thing is, prices and features are better than ever.

Firstly, lets define what an e-book reader is? It's a device for browsing electronic files (books). Compared to a computer or smartphone, it has a low-resolution depicting the size of a paperback book page due to its low glare, black and white screen, often not back-lit. Also, these e-readers are thin, light and have a long battery life. They typically read one or more of several proprietary "eBook" file formats such as PDFs, ePub, Mobi, plain text files, Word documents, and so forth.

7 Driving Habits to Save on Fuel (and Increase Gas Mileage)

The cost of transport has been rising steeply over the past few years as a consequence of high global oil prices. As a result, transport has become one of the highest expenses for families and businesses. With the perpetual traffic snarl-ups that characterize most roads, you have to dig deeper into your pocket to meet transport costs.

Some people have even stopped using personal cars on week-days, only driving them on the weekends because of escalating fuel prices.