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Holiday in Kenya-Christmas at Mount Kenya

This year it is all about getting away from the city for Christmas. This year, I recommend you to relax in a green, cool environment where you can breathe clean air and where the most traffic you want to witness is nature and animal walk within Mount Kenya Safari Club.

It is a large and complex organization standing over 100 acres containing a diverse range of accommodation, an 18-hole golf course, nature and bird walks, horse riding, massage and other spa activities, mountain bike trails, swimming, conference facilities, shops and galleries.

Families on vacation can indulge in front of a massive stone fireplace in a grand cottage with stunning views of the mountain and have a peaceful time while kids amuse themselves with mountain bikes, horse rides or simply frolicking on the vast grounds. During Christmas, they offer discounts of up to 10% to early bookings.

And of course there is the food.When the head chef of Fairmont chain in Kenya is around, the fare is very good. Here is a s…

Home Lighting Decor - Using Eco Friendly Lamp Shades for a Green Design

Whether you are moving into a new home or you simply want to re-decorate your existing space, one easy yet striking way to add warmth and color to your space is to work with lighting. from the table lamps, stand-alone lamp shades, to fancy chandeliers and wall fittings, light fixtures can drastically alter the visual rhythm of a space

Affordable, stylish Eco friendly lighting solutions can be created using goat pelt. It is hand stitched with wrought iron and beaded designs. To add impact to your space, simply introduce a custom-made ethnic chandelier in the same color scheme as your furniture covering can go along way. In a study room or bedroom, table lamps are functional and attractive. Also, mounting matching shades on hallways and placing fllor lamps in more informal spaces like a TV room or sitting room adds a colorful and illuminative touch.One decor trend catching on nowadays is to opt for brightly colored lampshades to create an effect of diffused colored light in the entire…

Best Wedding Destination - Still at the Heart of Nairobi City

The same way, Prince Williams popped the question by a secluded venue somewhere nice in Kenya, you can also have your luxury wedding in some these venues within Nairobi. They offer varied packages, some hire grounds only and leave the hustle of setting up tents and furniture to the clients. Others offer a full wedding package which includes catering services as well as providing tents for the garden wedding venues.

There are some, especially the high class hotel, that offer in-house designed menus for at least 100 guests. With this, the wedding guests have an access to several services, which include the hall, entertainment and discounts on drinks. Here are a few of Nairobi's best wedding venues:

Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club

This hotel wedding venue consists of four grounds, the resort is located in a beautiful leafy suburb in Ridgeways off Kiambu road, about 15 Kilometers from Nairobi.

Here clients can bring their own equipment, which includes tents, chairs, flowers, tabl…

Ice cream Dessert-Pros and Cons of a Frozen Yogurt Mix

There was a time when the only options we had for milky, frozen dessert were tasty but fattening ice cream and the much healthy but not yummy yogurt. Happily, some genius figured out that the best way to get the best of both worlds in one tub is to produce a dairy dessert that is halfway between ice cream and yogurt and froyo came to be and women are going crazy for it, be it in London, New york, Dubai, Mumbai and now Nairobi!

Many of these frozen yogurt franchise receive frequent visits from dessert-obsessed women who want to fulfill their urge. In other parts of the world, the frozen yogurt (froyo) experience has taken to a whole new level. Froyo lounges are now being created to target the more sophisticated and adult consumer, and flavors are being finely adjusted just for them. you can now be spoilt for choices with shades of green tea, ginger or elderflower flavored froyo.

On the whole, women out there love froyo because it tastes good and it's healthier than most other dess…

Facial Microcurrent a Non Surgical Facelift-Does it Work

Facelift Without Surgery an Anti Aging Treatment

Did You Know? You can have a younger-looking skin at a fraction of the cost without the pain of plastic surgery! Facial micro-current is a non-surgical facelift that provides a non-invasive treatment to rejuvenate and lift the skin.

This treatment uses a method known as Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument (CACI). This method combines four processes in a single treatment. The first is the application of micro-current, to help with facial toning and to lift the muscles using a combination of specific electrical waves and frequencies that work in harmony with the body's own bio-electrical field. the current is transmitted through a soft cotton-tipped probes.

The second process is ultrasonic removal of scars (the same process, used to remove tattoos), which is used to refine the skin surface by vibration. Thirdly, high frequency is used to supply oxygen to the skin by using a colourless gas soluble in cold water. The last process, is t…

Room and Home Furniture-Tips on How to Buy and Decorate Them

Tips on How to Buy Home Furniture

The first thing that attracts you to any furniture item is usually how it looks, from its frame to the color used. However, before you part with your hard-earned money and the furnishing wears out several months later, here are tips when buying home furniture.

Quality: Test the frame, springs and the covering on the furniture to decide its workmanship. Well built pieces are usually solid and heavy to lift. Sit in a chair to make sure it is spacious and comfortable. Cushions should be have well-defined corners and secure but hidden zips. Items such as bows and buttons should be firm and well sewn. Cushions should be plump and well-shaped. If they look hollow, that is usually a sign of insufficient stuffing. The arm rests, should be large and well set to comfortably accommodate arms and a person in a  leaning position. Also, remember that with quality furniture, the fastening is less obvious and the sanding and finishing is even.

Suitability: Make sure th…

Infant Child Care-What to Look Out For

Child Care Tips

Infants are so lovely; you can't help adoring this phase of your child's life. children are a handful and since  both of you are new to each other and perhaps a little awkward still. It's important to be familiar with your child by following these tips on their development , care and needs.

One of the most effective ways to help your young child develop language skills is to read to him often. Reading to a young child helps them develop their imagination and reasoning. If you are too busy to read to your child during the day, develop a night-time routine where you read a bedtime story together.Whispering in the ear of a nervous, tense child helps to calm her down. To prevent your child becoming addicted to sugary foods such as sweets and sodas, do not give sweets during the first year, though fruits are allowed. During the second year, limit the intake of sweet foods to special occasions. Encourage the consumption of fruits to satisfy a sweet tooth. When you …

Self Breast Exam-How it Could Save Your Life

Women Above 40 years Should have a Breast Cancer Mammogram Every Year

Breast cancer is common, with a chance of a woman getting it at 12 %, meaning that 1 in 8 women will develop it if they live to age 80. Breast cancer mainly affects women, usually after age 40, and especially those with a family history of cancer of the breast. For example, those who have a close family member who has ever had cancer, such as aunt, sister or mother. Other causes of breast cancer are:

SmokingAlcohol consumption Women with a long uninterrupted exposure to their hormones are at higher risk, such as those who started to have monthly periods early, and had a late menopause. A prolonged uninterrupted use of female hormones contraceptive pills , and those who have had hormone replacement therapy, such as, after menopause. Overweight women tend to have more female hormonesLack of exerciseRace: white people are at a higher risk than AfricansPeople who have had some sort of breast diagnostic test, even if initi…

Mobile Phishing-How Your Phone Gets Hacked

Simple Tips to Mobile Phone Security

As technology in the mobile sector advances, targeting more users, there is a growing trend of phone phishing. Phishing, is where a cyber criminal or a fraudster pretends to be a legitimate organization, such as a bank or websites of major retailers, in order to deceive you into giving up personal and financial information such as account or credit card information. Two key areas through which

Mobile phone phishing is one way through which your cell phone can be hacked. These phishing attacks are launched behind fake wireless application protocol (WAP) pages and exposed domain names. WAP pages are website pages customized for compatibility on mobile phones, hence they have reduced file sizes and graphics.

Many organisations and companies use WAP pages to easily display their brands on mobile devices. Therefore, these pages use reduced levels of web design technologies, making them easier to fake. In some cases, phishing sites use fake WAP pages to re…

Professional Social Network-A Must for Today's Professionals

Professional social networks are places where you'll find people who care about the same things. Unlike in Facebook and LinkedIn, professional social networking is not about having the most friends. They are about gaining knowledge, building reputations, increasing expertise and connecting with industry leaders, movers and shakers. That is where the real value of professional networks resides. Here is a list social networks of various expertise:

Medical: Hospitals have limited resources, as do medical journals. Some of the social networking sites that are really good at making medical resources available for doctors include Sermo and Ozmosis: and all Nurses for nurses.

Academic: There are social networks for about every profession. Academia allows research professionals to upload their papers and share them with other academics in over 100,000 research areas. Epernicus and Protenos also allow private institutions and corporations to connect and collaborate in a number of fields.


Cookers and Grills-Tips on Using Electric Cookers

Tips on Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes

Since, most recipes are written for use with pressure cookers, there's a tendency for food to be under or overcooked if you don't know how to use these cooking gadgets. Pressure cookery is preparation of food  by steam pressure in a heavy saucepan with an airtight lid and safety valve.

Today, there are a variety of pressure cookers in designs and sizes for large or small families. The modern, compact, streamlined saucepan is easy to handle and clean. Pressure cooking saves time and it is especially useful for foods which take a long time, such as beetroot or ham. When buying any type of pressure cooker always ask for a booklet of instructions and recipes which will help you to get the best results from your cooker. Furthermore, here are tips on how to use these electric gadgets:
    Always use a boiling plate in preference to a grill boiler unless grill is in use or is hot from previous use.    Use broad-based utensils for speed which wi…

Body Scrub an Anti-aging Skin Care

Having a natural glow takes some work and by scrubbing your body, you can maintain a fresh, clean and smooth looking skin. Cleaning your face off make-up and washing it with a soap-free facial wash will make it look ageless and beautiful.

The outermost layer of the skin accumulates dead skin cells over time. Washing your face daily does not provide the exfoliation needed for a healthy skin. Regular exfoliation with body scrub will remove the dead outer layer of skin a reveal a younger-looking skin.Body scrub and natural anti aging skin care are great treatment to making you feel and look younger.

After a good body scrub, your skin, should feel soft and silky. Apply a handful of scrub to damp skin before showering or bathing. Massage in a circular motion, beginning with the feet, working your way up. Turn on the shower and rinse as usual. you do not need to moisturize your body afterwards; a good scrub should exfoliate and moisturize.There are different types of scrubs from sugar salt …