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Health Benefits of Herbs and Spices

Did you know that Other than consuming spices in minute amount and adding flavour to foods, spices and herbs also stimulate the appetite and some may have healing or soothing properties?

Herbs and spices usually lose their true bouquet and flavour after 6 months of shelf life. They should be stored in tightly covered containers away fro heat and light so that they will not become dry and stale.

Coriander: is a digestive aid, prevents infection from minor cuts, kills bacteria, fungi, and insect larvae that attack meat. It is an inflammatory that may help arthritis and may reduce blood sugar levels.

Caraway: is a digestive aid and is an antipasodic which soothes the digestive tract and aids in menstrual cramps.

Sage: is an antiperspirant, helps heal wounds and stop infections. It is used as a preservative. It will fight salmonella and is a good choice to add to foods that will be consumed away from home and outside. It is a digestive aid, reduces blood sugar (on an empty stomach), soothes…

Therapeutic Value of Tea and Coffee

People who drink the most coffee and tea, even decaffeinated versions can impressively lower their risk of type-2 diabetes. This means that people who drink three to four cups a day have a lower risk of developing diabetes than those who drink little or no tea or coffee.

Coffee: It contains, among other substances, caffeine. Caffeine is a psychoactive drug that is very strong. This is because of the nor epinephrine released in the brain,

What does coffee do to your body?

Quickens the respiration process Strengthens the pulseRaises the blood pressureStimulates the kidneysTemporarily relieves tiredness or depressionExcites the functions of the brain, improving mental performance
Caffeine is an emergency cure for an asthma attack reducing incidents of wheezing. Coffee may have a calming effect on most people because of several opiate-related compounds that have a mild heroine-like reaction in the brain. These substances are found in decaf as well.

What if consumed in excess? 
It can be mildl…

Holiday Gift Ideas for All

Are you trying to get a gift for each person on your list this holiday season? This can be overwhelming and time consuming.

Try the below guide for a suitable holiday gifts ideas:

# 1 Mom
House-hold items such as an appliance that would make her work easier such as a vacuum cleaners, a blender for the kitchen, a rice cooker and a fryer  are good choices.m Another sure winner would be an item of clothing such as a sweater, especially of her favourite colour, jewellery such as necklace.

# 2 Dad
A simple phone so that he can keep in touch. A nice, warm sweater is another practical option.

# 3 Kids
Whether yours or other kids you know, toys are something they never have enough of. From the simple toy car and doll for younger kids to play stations and board games for older ones. Here in Kenya, I would recommend Toy World or Nakumatt which stocks a very good range of toys.

# 4 Loved ones
For the persons closest to you, make it a gift they will often have with them. For ladies, a bottle of auth…

Ways to Reduce your Income Tax

It is possible to pay less income tax, a fact that many of us fail to take advantage of while complaining about the lack of enough funds to save, to invest and achieve financial security.

You can cut down the amount of income tax you pay by taking advantage of the tax laws.

# 1 Life Insurance and Education policies

Investing in a life insurance policy for nine or more years maturity can further reduce income tax as this qualifies you for income tax relief on the premiums paid. You can get relief amounting to $ 670 a year, or 15 % of the premiums, whichever is lower.

# 2 Pension Plans

Most employers will only contribute the mandatory minimum amount of 5 % towards employee retirement schemes.

If you are employed and your employer has a registered retirement benefit scheme which is a pension scheme, you will notice that on your pay-slip, your contribution is deducted from your gross pay before income tax is calculated.

Putting away more than the minimum means killing two birds with one st…

How to recover your stolen laptop

What do you do if someone steals your computer and its precious data that comprises your work life?

Tracking services such as LoJack for laptops and GadgetTrak come in handy.

You install an application on your laptop, and if it is stolen, these services can help track down and try to recover your computer or at least disable it so the thief cannot access the contents of the hard drive.

Most of these services require a monthly or annual subscription fee, ranging from $20 to $60 a year.

For the budget conscious there are few free, open-source options for tracking a stolen laptop. Apart from the price tag, one reason you might want to use an open-source tracker over commercial product is that you can examine the code to ensure it is not doing anything shady with your private data, and compile it yourself.

How reliable and stable are these tracking services?

With a well established company, you can feel pretty sure it will be around in two years if your laptop is stolen. But can you have …

How to prevent computer repetitive strain injury

Computer related injuries can be broadly divided into three classes:

# 1 Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

It describes injuries associated with performing the same repetitive task, especially in an awkward posture, over a prolonged period.

# 2 Back problems

The human body is not designed to remain in the same position for a long time. Prolonged sitting leads to fatigue, discomfort and injury. Back problems are also worsened if the user has a low general level of fitness.

# 3 Eye Strain and Discomfort

People who use computers for an extended periods of time can suffer from tired eyes, discomfort, headaches  and reduced work performances.

Tips to prevent computer repetitive strain

# 1 Sitting Posture

When muscles are contracted or in awkward positions for a long periods of time, they do not receive the blood supply needed to sustain them. That is why changing positions, stretching and exercise are good pain prevention tactics. Alternating tasks the use different muscles groups is another good …