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Ginger Ale Drinks-Health Benefits and Recipe

Real ginger ale is a drink made with organic fresh ginger, lemon or orange. It has been used for many years for prevention and management of ailments, easing pains and relaxing soft tissues.

It has a refreshing taste and quenches thirst. carbonated substitutes to the real ginger ale drink are full of sugar  with additives and colorings which are harmful the body.

Ginger root - It is rich in calcium, dietary fiber, minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium, manganese and sodium, vitamin C,E and B6Lemon - This is rich in vitamins C, B and A, dietary fibers and other therapeutic values.
Health Benefits
Some of the health benefits of natural ginger ale are:
It has an anti-histamine effect on the upper respiratory system. It has natural chemical compounds, which have anti-inflammatory properties, this help in reducing joint and muscle pains, and providing relief for the arthritic and chronic muscle.Fighting nausea, dizziness and vomiting thus, it is good to use for managing m…

5 Things To Know When Good Cars Go Bad

After buying your new good car, you begin thinking of situations that could make your car break down and how to get yourself out of such circumstances. Here are 5 situations and their remedies when good cars go bad:

The engine suddenly stops running. Main indicators such as a tachometer that shows the speed of rotation and the fact that you can no longer hear any noise from the engine. 

What just happened? a variety of possible problems. You could have run out of gas the battery ran out of power, or there could be an electrical problem. you also could have shut off the car accidentally by bumping the ignition key with your knee. Not Unless you have Fred Flintstones car can you keep driving. No engine, no go.

Remedy: Be careful! Without the engine, there will be no power-assist to the steering or brakes. Both will be very sluggish and stiff. Get off the road as quickly as possible. Once you have come to a complete stop, try to detect  the problem. If you ran out of gas, you might be abl…

Enlarged Prostate Gland-It Tends to Enlarge as Men Approach Forty Years

Symptoms of Enlarged Prostate

One of the main organs that disturbs men as they age is the enlarged prostate gland. Generally, it tends to enlarge as men approach their forties. After sixty years, enlarged prostate are the main contribution of men's health problems. Prostate enlargement is not cancer, neither does it increase your risk of developing cancer.

The main symptoms of prostate enlargement are due to compression of the urethra, which blocks urine flow. Urethra is a tube that takes urine from the bladder to the outside. You may experience the following symptoms:
    Straining to pass urine    Weak urine stream    Feeling you have not completely emptied your bladder    Passing urine often, including waking up more than once at night to urinate    Involuntary urination resulting in leakage of urine    Sudden strong urge to pass urine often, because of the blockage in the urethra, the bladder does not empty completely. This means that there is a high risk of developing an infec…

Acne Treatment for Women at Age 30

Acne Treatment reviews

In her 30s, a woman's skin begins to lose its earlier elasticity and looks less bright because your cell turnover is slower. Rather than rushing out and buy an expensive skin care product, you should do three things. What you need is a good exfoliate that will help your skin shed faster to bring out that fresher, younger looking skin.

Retinoid is the other thing you need. Retinoids are great when you have acne and fine lines as most women find themselves fighting against both. Its recommended you use retinoid eye cream in the eye to reduce the visibility of lines. If applied well all over the face, retinoid tones your skin. Retinoid based face creams are the 30-something woman's best friend. Retin A is the most popular over the counter retinoid and also the most mild. For a stronger retinoid it has to be a prescription.

The other is a good antioxidant. AHAs, glycolic and lactic acid should be key ingredients as they are gentle ways of helping your skin g…

New Car Buying Tips-What to Look Out for When Buying your First Car

Buying your first car can be a very difficult decision and choosing the wrong car could be an expensive mistake. The first obstacle is to determine how much you should reasonably spend and what you would like to use the vehicle for.
To determine which car suits you best, here are simple questions, if answered properly, will lead you in the right direction:

This is about your status in life, whether you are single, married or with children. It is about where you live, in the city or on the outskirts of the city. It is also about your activities, your interests, your work and also your income. I'll advice you sit down, and with pen and paper, analyse your personal lifestyle. Be honest, unpleasantly though that may be. When you have finished, write down your needs and do not be distracted on design or performance. The goal here is to define your new car only in terms of function.

Everyone who sits behind a wheel of a moving vehicle has a personal driving style, whether they r…

Job Search-How to Improve Your Grammar Skills

Polish Your English Language

Why do we have many people complaining about the increasing number of resume or Curriculum Vitae, they have sent and interviews they have attended yet those jobs stay out of reach? There are many reasons that could explain this issue. Job search is about perception. It is a marketing participation in which you seek to impress the employer that you are the greatest person they would ever dream of having.

You want to come out as the most suitable person for the available position. Therefore, grammar is key in how you present yourself. It may be long since you were in grammar class, however, the principles you learnt then still apply in the employment world.

The way you use grammar in both written and spoken form can mean either success or failure in your job search. I'm surprised at the little care most of us tend to give to issues of grammar, especially spelling and sentence construction. A rule of thumb is to always spell check your CV and application …

The Unemployed-Where to Look for Jobs

Tips for People Looking for Jobs

Are you among the unemployed who eagerly wait for daily newspaper, to sort through the many pages of job adverts after which you spend the rest of the day responding to the adverts?

You may not be aware of it, but you form part of the large number of job seekers who imagine that job vacancies only appear in the newspapers. Such people looking for jobs get disappointed after they realize that there are no jobs that fit their expectations. Out of desperation, they end up applying for jobs they do not qualify for.

Less than 5 per cent of all available job opportunities are advertised in the  mainstream media. Relying entirely on newspapers for job search, limits your options to a small number of employers who regard ads in newspapers as part of their policies and practices. With media outlets expanding, many employers are diversifying places where they post their job ads to reach more targeted people, cut costs and have a longer reach as opposed to newspa…

Facts About Alcohol-How it Makes You Fat

Women and Alcohol Consumption

You are familiar with how the consumption of alcohol causes beer belly, which is as a result of excess alcohol calories being stored as fat. But did you know that less than 5 % of the alcohol calories you drink are turned into fat?

In fact, what the alcohol does is to reduce the amount of fat your body burns for energy, meaning the alcohol's presence in your body spares the fat from being utilized for energy. Whereas protein, fat and carbohydrate need to be digested before being used by the body, this does not happen when alcohol is present. The alcohol molecules spread through the stomach wall as soon as they arrive and can reach the brain and liver in minutes; this reaction is slightly slowed when there is food in your stomach.

The alcohol then arrives at the liver for processing, where most of what you drink is converted to acetate (this is what your body will burn instead of fat, immediately hindering your weight loss efforts.The fact about alcohol…

Cell Phone Radiation-Are Mobile Phones Safe?

Tips on How to Reduce Radiation from Mobile Phones

Did you know your cell phone can be a risk to your health? This is according to 2010 study by World Health Organization, which grouped mobile wireless communication as a possible cause of brain cancer. This potential health risk is linked to the radio-frequency waves emitted by the cell phones.

Mobile phones use radio-frequency (RF) signals to send both voice and data. During a phone call the mobile device uses these signals to link to a base station, hence establishing flow of information between the user and the other person being called. Mobile base stations are inter-connected forming a cellular network, and they send and receive these signals. The base station usually transmits low power signals to mobile phones within the cell and this is shown by the signal availability symbol on the handset.

In mobile telephony technology, there are two ways by which you can be exposed to cell phone radiation. The first being, the closeness of…

Secrets to Growing Hair Faster Naturally

Tips for Growing Afro Hair Long

Many women enjoy the idea of having long hair, that grows beyond the back of the neck. Sometimes, it never gets beyond a certain length. The reasons for this maybe genetics or African hair structures. One reason why some hair does not grow long faster is because of lack of moisture at the hair ends.

Presently, most women prefer the dry relaxed styles, which have to be treated with heat to keep the style in place. This makes it dry and brittle, leading to split ends, daily breaking and keeping the hair length in one place without much growth. unlike, back in the days, when Jerry curls was in fashion. Many Afro-American women experienced growing long hair, since the hair had to be kept moist to activate the curls. The daily application of glyceline-based oils kept the ends moist, and as a result, the hair simply grew and grew.

So, to grow it long and strong, you must keep the moisture content of your hair above 15 per cent. The best way to do this is to us…

Do It Yourself Wills-6 Steps to Making a Will Legal

Making of a Simple Will

Making of a will is an important process for avoiding conflicts, which may occur after death. It is a public document and as such, emotional issues or information which may embarrass the family should be avoided. Here is a guide on how to make a will legal.

Step 1: Get a piece of paper and a pen, or open a document on your computer.

Step 2: Write: " I (fill your name here) or Box (fill your address here) and state you are an adult of sound mind"

Step 3: Declare invalid any previous wills in this way: " I, ( name here) revoke all wills, testamentary dispositions and/or codicil previously made by myself wherever and whenever they may be found, and declare this to be my last will and testament."

Step 4: Make provisions for the payment of debts and expenses by stating: " I direct that the executor pay all my just debts and liabilities, including funeral expenses, from my assets."

Step 5: Name your beneficiaries: " I devise and bequeath…

Leather Shoe Care-How to Keep them Shining

The condition of your shoes say a lot about whom you are. Here are tips on how to care for your leather shoes.

Leather shoes are unsuitable for wearing in wet weather, as the leather absorbs moisture causing the salt used to cure to stain the surface. Select synthetic shoes when it is wet, however, in case you get your leather shoes soaked, pack dry newspaper inside to absorb the moisture, and then place in a warm place to dry. Do not place near direct heat.Use castor oil to waterproof the underneath of leather soles. Also, to keep leather soft and graceful, apply a little castor oil and leave to dry, then clean shoes in a normal way.If bright-colored leather fades in certain areas, use an oil paint pastel of the same color obtained from paint stores. Paint the affected part, and then tip up with neutral wax polish.Shine patent leather shoes with a small amount of petroleum jelly.To clean suede shoes, use a masking tape instead of a wire brush, which damages the base fiber mesh. Just r…

Saving and Fixing Your Wet Cell Phone

An unfortunate mishap happens with your phone dropping into a pool, toilet, some liquid or someone knocks over a drink. If you act fast, you can save your wet cell phone.

After identifying an original cell phone, which  symbolizes a major investment, here are tips on how to fix you wet cell phone.

Do not turn it on immediately to see if it works. Resist to test the phone while it is still wet because water creates a short circuit in your android or iPhone rendering it useless.Take out any removable parts such as the battery, Sim-card and the memory card. As long as the battery is still in the cell phone it will provide power to your phone, and that is what you need to stop immediately. If the phone fell in a pool of muddy water, pull out the removable parts and dip them in clear water first before drying them out.Use a fan or a blow dryer on zero heat to dry out your cell phone. Run the cool air full blast all over your phone. Remember, never to dry your wet cell phone in the oven or …

Unlock iPhone Without Jailbreak - Pros and Cons

What if someone told you that the iPhone's offers such as the extra crispy clear sound, an auto focus camera, high  resolution to enjoy videos, movies, photos and 3D graphics games are only some of the iPhone's capabilities and if you jailbreak it, you'll be able to download and install various exciting applications, turning your iPhone into any gadget you desire, that is to say, you will unlock a new digital world?

You may probably be wondering what is iPhone jailbreak. Jailbreaking means hacking an electronic device's default security and operating limits. It generally refers to the hacking of Apple's iOS mobile operating system, but may be applied to other types of gadgets such as iPad.

iPhone jailbreak involves opening the phone so that you can access and modify portions of the phone that are normally out-of-bounds.

This should not be confused with unlocking a phone. Unlocking allows you to change your mobile phone services provider from the one in which the …