There are no shortcuts in the game of life

In our society, there are no moral shortcuts in the game of life. There are, basically, three kinds of people: the unsuccessful, the temporarily successful, and those who become and remain successful.

Between this groups, the obvious difference is the amount of money they have. Personally, I believe that the real gap between the successful and the unsuccessful is really NOT their monthly income.

To think that the only difference between the rich and the poor is the size of their bank account is very short-sighted. This is because in reality, the amount of money one has is actually just a consequence of one’s character – and that is where the real gap lies.

Besides the the rich and the poor, there is also the temporarily successful (middle class). How different are they from the two? Moreover, why do some people manage to get out of being poor but get stuck in being middle class? Why can’t they progress and become rich?

Below is a list of comparison that will answer these questions.

Spending and Debt

  • Poor: Pays in cash or debts
  • Middle Class: Pays through credit cards and revolves debt
  • Rich: Pays through credit cards but pays in full monthly, knows how to leverage debt.

Thoughts and Conversations

  • Poor: Talks about people
  • Middle Class: Talks about material things
  • Rich: Talks about ideas

Goals and Lifestyle
  • Poor: Survival; thinks from day to day – a hand-to-mouth existence
  • Middle Class: Comfort; thinks from paycheck to paycheck
  • Rich: Freedom; thinks from year to year and far beyond

Work Attitude and Mindset
  • Poor and Middle Class: Plays it safe, works just enough, satisfied with mediocre results
  • Rich: Takes calculated risks, challenges oneself to excel and be the best

Money and Opportunities
  • Poor and Middle Class: Scarcity; opportunities are few and money is hard to come by
  • Rich: There are a lot of opportunities out there for me to make money

Attitudes and Motivation
  • Poor and Middle Class: Impatient; I want to live in comfort today
  • Rich: Delays gratification; I sacrifice today, so I can live in comfort for many days in the future

Luxuries and Obstacles
  • Poor and Middle Class: I cannot afford it. I cannot do it.
  • Rich: How can I afford it? How can I learn to do it?

Success and Wealth
  • Poor: Lottery, marry someone rich (Kenyan way)
  • Middle Class: Inheritance, advancement of career
  • Rich: Frugality, business and investments

Recreation and Fulfillment
  • Poor and Middle Class: Distractions and escapes (television, gossip, etc.), surrounds oneself with material things
  • Rich: Life enrichment, self-growth, helps and provides value to others.
Ask yourself, where does your mindset stand at the moment? As a Kenyan it's never too late to change.

Fitz. “Mindsetting“. 2010

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