Holiday Gift Ideas for All

Are you trying to get a gift for each person on your list this holiday season? This can be overwhelming and time consuming.

Try the below guide for a suitable holiday gifts ideas:

# 1 Mom
House-hold items such as an appliance that would make her work easier such as a vacuum cleaners, a blender for the kitchen, a rice cooker and a fryer  are good choices.m Another sure winner would be an item of clothing such as a sweater, especially of her favourite colour, jewellery such as necklace.

# 2 Dad
A simple phone so that he can keep in touch. A nice, warm sweater is another practical option.

# 3 Kids
Whether yours or other kids you know, toys are something they never have enough of. From the simple toy car and doll for younger kids to play stations and board games for older ones. Here in Kenya, I would recommend Toy World or Nakumatt which stocks a very good range of toys.

# 4 Loved ones
For the persons closest to you, make it a gift they will often have with them. For ladies, a bottle of authentic designer perfume she can  spray on everyday or a timeless item of jewellery, will be a constant reminder of your appreciation and for him, an elegant dress watch or smart addition to his wardrobe like a classy belt, are practical gifts.

# 5 Elegant

For the diva to whom image is everything, give a treat for a hair, facial, an hour's massage, manicure and pedicure and a trendy party too.

#6 Hip
For the loyal fashion trend follower, clothes are the perfect choice. My younger brother falls under this category. Since I am not a dedicated fashions myself I recommend playing it safe with the with voucher, also make sure you take them to shops with such trendy clothes such as Mr. Price and 4 U 2 are good stockists of smart casual wear. Another good choice is A DVDs spree collecting the latest movies and TV series.

# 7 Yourself
Treat yourself to that cologne, those shoes or that outfit, all within reason. As you shop and wrap for everyone you know, have fun and joy filled holidays.

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