Acne Treatment for Women at Age 30

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In her 30s, a woman's skin begins to lose its earlier elasticity and looks less bright because your cell turnover is slower. Rather than rushing out and buy an expensive skin care product, you should do three things. What you need is a good exfoliate that will help your skin shed faster to bring out that fresher, younger looking skin.

Retinoid is the other thing you need. Retinoids are great when you have acne and fine lines as most women find themselves fighting against both. Its recommended you use retinoid eye cream in the eye to reduce the visibility of lines. If applied well all over the face, retinoid tones your skin. Retinoid based face creams are the 30-something woman's best friend. Retin A is the most popular over the counter retinoid and also the most mild. For a stronger retinoid it has to be a prescription.

The other is a good antioxidant. AHAs, glycolic and lactic acid should be key ingredients as they are gentle ways of helping your skin glow.

There is always a greater risk of over-loading on products at this point of your life. It is easy to buy the hype about product because it will do miracles to your looks. Resist the temptation. This is where research comes in handy. Do not spend your money until you have researched what a product will do for you. It is not possible to undo the sun's damage, uneven skin tone, fine lines and loss of elasticity in one week because it took 30 years to get to where you are now. Simply, you have to be patient about repairing your skin.

Retinoids are always used in your night cream because the ingredients in them are sensitive to the sun and as a result, they make your skin sun-sensitive. Then invest in a face serum as they have deeper than average penetration. Sunscreen is required. Avoid late nights, smoking and alcohol.

You are as young as what you put into your body now. Even though, now is when you are at the peak of your career, motherhood and a great deal of lifestyle stress is to come home and eat junk food, you cannot afford to be negligent about your skin care. You may be tempted to consider collagen fillers or botox injections. First, try antioxidants which come in the vitamin C, A and E in your products as well as green and white tea. There are also prescription retinoids that are stronger than 0.05 % Retin A, as they can only be obtained via a doctor's recommendation.

Facial peels are known to stimulate collagen productivity. Think of them as an irritant on the surface that makes the surface of your skin react by producing some collagen, making your skin look chubbier and younger. At this time in your life it is also presumed that you know how to care for your skin and that you have a plan that works well and that cleansing, toning, moisturizing and sunscreen have been laid as foundation. Remember, not to overlook your neck and hands.

Retinoids should be used also on the neck and hands. Use sunscreen on your hands and get a heavy moisturizer for them both day and night. Do not neglect this two areas, because this is where your real age will show. What you can do is, once you have applied treatment to your face, whatever excess is left, use it on your hands. Do the same by day. Best face wash for acne skin are other ways to enhance your youthful look.

Finally, when shopping for skin care products, go with the latest. This is because what your skin care products could do a year ago, they can now do more. It also means that science is finding more interesting ways to keep you younger for longer.


  1. If you want to get the answer that how to get rid of acne scars then here is your answer.The best way to prevent post-inflammatory changes caused by acne is to prevent acne lesions from occurring. This is done by understanding the factors that cause acne and using the appropriate treatments for the different acne types.

  2. Don't forget a healthy diet provides essential vitamins and minerals for the skin. So in additional to the creams and sunblocks, we must be conscious on what we eat. Regular exercise also helps in shedding fats that deposit under our skin so we can look as young as we can.

  3. It’s an awesome article with quality stuffs shared here. Acne is a common problem now a days. It’s very irritating. Right treatment for acne is very important and it’s a serious issue. Thanks for writing the article.

  4. Purity1:29 PM

    There are so many skin care products in the market, how do I know original ones from fake?

  5. @Purity Fake products are becoming serious problem for consumers. I would advise you to only visit a pharmacy that buy products from appointed dealers and manufacturers, and let your therapist or doctor recommend what products will best suit your acne condition. Avoid buying products over the shelf. The best after care products should be bought in the chemist.

  6. How should we determine fake from real?


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