Morning After Contraception-Its Effectiveness and Side Effects

Does Morning After Pill Work?

Today and the most Mondays, as many sulky people drag themselves to work or college, chemists will be a happy lot. Like the pubs and guesthouses that made a fortune over the weekend, they too, will rake in money through the sale of anti-hangover drugs and the morning-after pill. Many young and college girls are resorting to emergency contraceptives after every act of unprotected intercourse.

Research by Family Health International estimates that 16 per cent of boys and 5 per cent, girls aged between 10 to 14 have had intimate intercourse. By the age 20 to 24, about 90 per cent have had coitus. At this age, 60 per cent of the girls have had intercourse.

Use of contraceptives is one of the existing solutions as a birth control pill. The most controversial is the morning-after pill. These are high dosage of the normal birth control pills, sometimes a double dose is prescribed. Taking two birth control pills daily for 72 hours could serve the purpose. The most common pill is levonorgestrel, popularly known as Postnor 2. Although it could put women's health at risk, Postnor 2 is sold over-the-counter at the pharmacy without medical advice. The drug is effective and helpful if not abused. But there is an alarm over its frequent use by people of all age groups.

How to Take the morning After Pill

You are advised not to use it habitually, certainly not more than once in a month. The drug is mainly a combination of estrogen and progestin. It works in two-way. Estrogen slows down the movement of sperm, making it unlikely to meet the egg in time for fertilization. Progestin makes the cervical mucus sticky and thick, barring sperm from entering the uterus.

Excess use of Postnor 2 may cause hormonal imbalance in girls. the ovary could take time to get back to normal. Your metabolism is also affected, as is the mineral balance in the body.

This cause noticeable side-effect like nausea, vomiting, fatigue, headaches, dizziness, diarrhea, breast tenderness and fluid retention. There could also be changes in the timing or flow of the woman's menstrual period. Immediate side-effects typically subside a day or two after taking the second dose. You are warned that emergency pills are not a substitute for regular ones.

It is hard for many parents to imagine their blooming daughters buying the morning-after pill. Many teenagers and young women buy the pill without knowing how to use it. Possibilities of a you getting pregnant are between three to four times a month. If you knew your fertility timing, you would not use the pill after every act of unprotected sex.

Abstaining from sexual intercourse to avoid HIV/Aids and pregnancy has not stood the test of time. Neither has the use of condoms. Sale of morning-after pill have increased, especially among the youth.

The morning-after pill, like the normal birth control ones, do not cause sterility. The effect of Postnor 2 can last five days, while that of a normal pill can be 6-12 months after one stops using them.

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