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Welcome to Ciri's Life Coach. I was 24,  the Net was YaHOO Messenger and research for University projects, only.

Born and raised in Kenya you might think I was inclined to be an athlete. Little did I know, my athlete's spirit of a small time infopreneur that was trapped inside my body and mind would eventually lead me to writing a blog.

I attended a weekend seminar where I first heard two critical phrases that got me thinking...

'Content rule' and 'social media'

In truth, this I did not pay too much attention then but it struck a chord and I immediately knew that I had found a new direction.

My first attempt was in 2006, but gave up too soon for other ventures for quick cash but as time passed by my passion was still in infopreneur publishing. Then I recalled my grandfather's advice " When you do what you enjoy most, life offers a total difference view, and that to get rich quick is an unreasonable dream. Realize what is real and doable; and work with your head rather than your hands, and success will be inevitable". God rest his soul.

The rest? as they say, is history!

Ciri's Life Coach Today

Since, 2009 one step at a time, I build Ciri's Life Coach far bigger than my first effort. With every page I built, my confidence grew and things got easier. It did not take long at all to master page building and for sure it is not rocket science.

There had been so many times in my career when I would tutor others, as I co-authored secrets to African cooking eBook. As things were I could not help one person at a time with my skills and advice. So Ciri's Life Coach was conceived to offer solutions to simple common issues. Ciri' is an acronym which means 'to tell' in my custom talk. Its a life coach blog about personal development in lifestyle, personal finance and effective use of technology.

When I started, I did feel alone in my beliefs of what works out here and what does not. This was because the web was a sea churning with people selling junk, still is. I realized that building and putting a blog was more simple in technical terms, and more challenging in marketing terms.

Ciri Invites You to Guest Post

To help our fellow readers, visitors and all those who found our articles useful we invite you to write at Ciri's Life Coach and reward the blogosphere with your valuable knowledge. I will highly appreciate articles on the following topics:
  1. Lifestyle tips ( healthy living -- custom well-being, business unusual)
  2. Internet tips (on issues such as web and mobile security -- antivirus, internet banking)
  3. Personal financial tips (should be unique and in simple English; insurance, mortages and stock trade)
Please Note: You can write on any category provided it is related to the above themes.

Guest authors will be gifted with all legal rights like signature links and a brief author introduction. A maximum of a link to the author’s personal profile or website will be added.

How to submit the posts

Write your posts (at least of 700 words)  in a word document or notepad and email along with any relevant images you may have to fmwaweru@ G Mail [Dot Com]. Ensure you title the theme of your post. This will save both our time greatly and will help us to come up with something that may widely be appreciated.


The articles should be first published at Ciri's Life Coach. Any replicated content will be ineligible. Kindly avoid copyright infringement and come up with your own brilliant, creative and innovative ideas. Your writings for us will be no less than an honor. Hoping to see something exceptional from all of you that may be worth stumbling, digging and most importantly worth reading!

Good luck. We hope to benefit you as much as we can :=)

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