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Ciri's Life Coach is a blog that talks about lifestyle, technology and personal finance. It is growing bigger (and better!) each and every month. And as time passes, online advertising opportunities present themselves more and more.

Of course, the number one goal here at Ciri's Life Coach is to provide our blog visitors with free and valuable information. The happiness of our blog visitors is our number one priority.

So this page will help to explain some very important information that you might like to know, whether you are one of our beloved blog visitors, or an advertiser looking for a place to call home.

Third Party Advertisers

We also have affiliate advertisers and sponsors that include, but are not limited to: Amazon. If you click on their ads and buy something, we get a little commission. None of these companies pays us in any other way. We simply have the desire to share their fantastic products and services with you!

Thanks for reading this, and for your continuing support of Ciri's Life Coach.

Dear Darling Blog Visitors

First and foremost, thank you for visiting. Your presence rocks our world here at Ciri's Life Coach. 

Ciri Life Coach is honoured to boast of some of the friendliest and most motivated audience on the web. Our demographic has been shown to be popular among a young and middle aged, more educated group. And our blog visitors are searching for products and services which will help to improve or support their current lifestyle.

Our visitors come from many countries, with the majority from USA, UK, India and Kenya seeking information on the effective ways to use the available or newer technologies, healthier lifestyles and how to improve their financial status.

Dear Advertisers; Traffic is growing by the day...... 

Ciri's Life Coach generates traffic worldwide. For life Coach on technology, lifestyle and personal finance keywords, there is a supply of over millions websites and blogs! Ciri's Life Coach scores in the 5th position!

But why is it important for you, as an advertiser, to know how many keywords are used to find the Ciri's life coach website? The answer is simple, the more keywords are used to find the website, the more exposure YOUR ads will have.

Check for example the keyword: "Life Coach on technology, lifestyle and personal finance" in Google.

Ciri's Life Coach has established itself as a quality source of information for lifestyle, technology and personal development.

The articles here are focused on teaching its readers about the proper mindset and strategies for using existing and new technologies; healthy living and financial success.

It doesn’t contain off-topic posts solely written for search engine optimization. Thus, Ciri Life Coach is proud to say that most, if not all visitors of this website come with genuine interests on the above mentioned issues.

Types of Online Advertising

In order to make your online advertising with Ciri's Life Coach optimal, through Komoona we offer a 125 x 125, 300 x 250 and other customized Ad banners which fits nicely on our sidebar.

The unique thing about these banners is that they are animated Ad banners; not just ordinary ads as showcased by our 300 x 250 Ad blocks placed on our right-sidebar. You can buy these ads by clicking on the ad and create or upload ads and pay for them without ever leaving your page.

How To Buy Our Ads 

Steps needed to buy our ads are as follows:

Step 1: You can on the 'open' place-holder placed on the top-left side of the blog by clicking the '+' sign (recommended), or you can click the 'create your ad' link on the ad unit place on the left side-bar.

Step 2: Click the 'click here' located and follow the 3 step ad wizard to create an ad. Firstly, you may opt to create or upload a banner selecting the number of days (7, 14, 30, 60 or even 90 days) you wish the ad to be displayed on our site. Next, you customize your ad and make payments using Paypal or credit/debit card as shown below.

The whole process takes 90 seconds!

We Value Your Business

Due to the ever increasing traffic and pricing, we can offer you the lowest possible price at renewal, which will always be more competitive than those prices offered to incoming advertisers.

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