Why it all matters

It seems no one is guaranteed a job anywhere anymore. These are troubled times for us. The creeping sense that no one’s job is safe, even as companies we work for are thriving.

It means the spread of fear, anxiety, and confusion. One sign of this growing unease: more than half of callers making inquiries about new jobs are still employed. They are so fearful of losing those jobs that they had already started to look for another one.

It seems we work in what amounts to a quiet war zone. “There is no way to give your loyalty to a company and expect it to be returned anymore. So each person is becoming their own little shop within a company. That means, you have to be able to be part of a team, but also ready to move on and be self –sufficient. We need to start realizing that success takes more than intelligent excellence or technical prowess.

We need another sort of skill just to survive and certainly to thrive especially in the increasingly turbulent job market of the future. Such internal qualities as resilience, initiative, optimism, and adaptability are taking on a new valuation. More and more employers are complaining about lack of social skills. Too many young people can’t take criticism. They get defensive or hostile when people give them feedback on how they’re doing.

They react to performance feedback as though it was a personal attack. In adage days, people got ahead by going to the right schools and doing well there. But the world is full of well-trained. We live in a time when our prospects for the future increasingly depend on managing ourselves and handling our relationships more artfully

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