A ‘Kenyan’ Valentino; Fun and easy on the pocket

Valentine’s Day is here and as usual the media has done it again. They have gone bonkers, in Swahili wazimu, on dishing out advice to the lonely Kenyan hearts. Many say that Valentine’s Day is just a money-making holiday. Well, as frugal spender, I would certainly concur.

I was having a burger at Nairobi’s city center the other day, when my 20-year-old brother asked me what ideas I had about a fun and easy on the pocket Valentine’s Day. He’s a smart teen and I knew he’d appreciate some of the ideas I shared with him but I had to do it as realistically as I could.

Personally, I find it nice to go around the city and see people in love; this is why I do go out on valentines (with or without a date or just with friends).

Anyway, for those of you who are thinking of a fun and easy on the pocket Valentine’s Day (especially to the guys), here are some tips.

Note: In Kenyan slang Valentine’s Day is termed as Vale. Lets Identify with this word from now on.

Share a fast-food meal
From my experience, when you’re in love, everything seems to be romantic. So even if you’re in a fast-food café (ensure, it’s in a clean environ, lest you spend your nights with cholera), quietly munching away in one corner. Sharing some fries and burgers, the unromantic mood seems not to matter much as long as you’re together on Vale. Do you agree?

Do what they did Before Sunrise or Sleepless in Seattle

In ‘Before Sunrise’ a classic romantic film, Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke simply just walked and talked around Vienna during the whole film. A proof that sometimes, each other’s presence is all you need to have a romantic Vale. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you make it one of your movie marathon Vale gift. I suppose at Imenti shops it’ll cost you only Ksh 50 only.

Have a movie marathon at home

You really don’t have to watch mushy or chick flicks if you don’t have to. Any movie that you think you’ll enjoy watching will do, may it be prison break or 24. Come to think of it having a movie marathon is cheaper than going out.

A stint treasure hunt game at home
Considering, Vale’s day is on a Sunday. A spiritual healing at a local church; if you’re in Nairobi, Kenya such places as St. Paul’s next to University of Nairobi or Basilica junction of parliament and mama Ngina Rd. Make it a morning worship. Stroll to Nakumatt lifestyle for a bite (Pizza, a cocktail). Head for Westlands grab a rose from the near by vendor. Watch a movie at Metro Cinema. By then the day’s almost over. Head home for your Vale to find hidden clues inside the house for her to play and find her gift. The clues can include tasks which must be done in order to get the next clue from you (i.e., give you a kiss). Double the fun and let her do the same thing to you. Make it a short treasure hurt considering you’re tired otherwise with no going out you can make it a play day.

Home cooked candle lit dinner
It’s a cliché but when done in a right way it’s both frugal and romantic. One can surprise the other or you can plan the meal (guys, no cooking of eggs for your dinner Vale). Search the ingredients via net, grandma’s recipes, TV’s cooking program for ingredients such as Pasta and Minced meat recipe and cook together. Be sure to create a romantic ambience at home; romantic serenades (avoid mugithi, genge seculars).

Attend a free Valentines concert

Local parks, communities and universities are known to hold free Vale concerts. If not, they’re always inexpensive shows that features upcoming singers bands such as Village Band that give you the same romantic serenade as those famous artist.

I’m no Chris Hart, a Kenyan columnist of the Lifestyle section of the Sunday Nation, Saturday magazine but I hope I made your Vale’s Date a special and frugal one.

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  1. av bin wonderin what way i cn give a simple classic vale without staying hungry n uv hit me wid ideas dat are just dead on. am nt going broke any time soon coz uv confirmed my thoughts dat money isnt da point its da moments dat mean alot.


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