How to moon a beautiful woman

As the adage goes: give someone a program, you'll frustrate them for a day; if you teach them how to program, you'll frustrate them for a lifetime :=). I choose to digress a little and talk about Bonita.

From how to never moon a werewolf here comes how to charm a 'gawjus' woman.

Lets take a scenario of the classic movie 'TOP GUN'. Where Tom handles Kelly.....
  • They have just finished eating dinner, and they are talking. She looks at him and says. "This is going to be complicated", implying that she's falling for him. What would most Kenyan guys do if they were getting a green light like this one? They would quickly make a pass at her and kiss her.
Not Tom. He looks at her, then gets up and says, I'm going to take a shower." At first it seems as if he was going to walk into her shower and take it, but ah ah!....he walks out, gets on his bike and rides off.

The first time I saw these scenes ages ago, I just thought what a wuss Tom was. Then I realized later on, he was deliberately creating a tension and anticipation inside of her. He keeps her guessing....making no mistake about it, he was in control of himself.

So you say, how can an ordinary Kenyan like yourself compete with the likes of a movie star with a 30 million aircraft to enhance his image.

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Secret: Just notice when she likes something that you're doing, and then stop.Lean back. Tease a little bit.

Give her just a taste

When you give a 'bonita' anything, give her a taste. If you're touching her in a new way, just do it enough for her to tell how good it is and then stop a bit. If you're going to be romantic, give flowers, prepare a home-cooked dinner, but don't use them all at once or very frequently.

Tastes are rare. It tantalizes by giving the Bonita a moment of the flavour, it makes her want some more.

The attitude

Attitude is the charm, BALLS, and cool confidence to have a gorgeous woman get annoyed and frustrated when you first meet and for you to just smile and say, "I think she likes me." As a guy, ask yourself in whose reality do you live in? Yours or hers? Her reality is where her needs dominate and wuss bags try to please her by kissing up to her. This is a turn off to Bonita.

To have an untouchable attitude (just like a RUDE BOY) let her spend time in your reality: your needs come first. In your reality, you have the burden of making the decision but this is one thing you can do for the senorita which she'll appreciate without making it look like you need her more than she needs you.

I think it's important to let 'em senoritas know that you've a life, that you're busy. This makes them want to be around you. It makes them want to do things to make you happy and please you.

Never whine

As a man, never whine about ANYTHING, EVER. Senoritas love secure guys. Don't say retorts like your tired, you don't feel good or you're worried of the future in a whinny, unmotivated; I need sympathy kinda way.

No hemming and hawing. Save it for when your are married. And even then, keep the wuss bag behavior to a minimum.

Be the Leader

Be your own leader through life.

Generally, senoritas are unsure of themselves. Okay, they know they're fine but sort opinions more often on their looks, why? they are followers, so if you lead they are likely to follow. Believe your way is worth pursuing. Believe you can do what is needed to turn a challenge into a success.

Also, you need a direction to pursue. Knowing what you want and actually making an effort to get it is very strong and sexy to 'gawjus' women. Making a genuine effort towards your goals demonstrates that you're a cause and a power in life, which is unlike submissive wuss boys.

Don't worry about other people's judgements. When you get somewhere with something you care about, you'll have the last laugh. Having a goal and being focused on achieving it will make you FAR more magnetic to the boritas.

Don't get upset easily

Total composure brings amazing results. Though 'women are the emotional ones,' most guys cannot keep their composure when a woman starts pushing their buttons.

Senoritas will always test, because they must. How else can they know for sure if you're really, really, really the real man you appear to be? Gorgeous women are programed to test their self-importance against their importance to you.

So, losing your composure is one of the fastest ways to lose that beautiful woman. Instead, welcome her test. See through it, disarm it and enjoy it. Always take the "I don't need this and I can walk away at any time" attitude of zero-clinginess. Never give her approval or ego-strokes for her job, income or fame. Just be quiet and act like "Mm hmm...tell me something interesting, something that doesn't sound insecure.

Boritas tend to have pictures in their minds of what they want. And when you don't fit the frame, they take a hammer to your head not the picture!

They always test and challenge with questions and behavior to see if you'll let them control you. knowing they often will try, you must STOP responding like she's a boss from whom you need approval! it may not seem logical to bust her BALLS (excuse, ma words!!) when these things happen, but that is exactly what you need to do.

At all costs, don't be a wuss and kiss up to her.

When she's upset, tease her: "Awww, isn't she cute getting all upset like that?" If teasing her only causes her emotions to escalate, then you'll say something like, "Wow, you've really got this getting upset thing down. Does it usually work? Because I'm just not into that much drama in my life....." I realize that I'm way past my time to entertain a borita, so I leave you with words from Rihana; rude boy.

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