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Healing Power in Foods that We Eat

From Therapeutic Value of Juice Diet here comes Healing Power in the Foods that We Eat

This article is aimed at improving the health status of you by equipping you with the necessary information in as far as over eating habits and general healthy living is concerned.

When he created us, God knew not only the quality but the right quantity of food that man must eat in order to live a healthy life.

Many people believe that whenever you fall sick, it is as a result of some pathogens or germs which find their way into the bloodstream. The truth is that there are many diseases which are a result of our relationship with nature.

To the ancient, disease were as a result of influence of evil spirits. Their treatment was to be in harmony with their beliefs.Later on, scientists explained disease as an attack by germs via air, water, clothes or insects.

Disease is an effort by nature to free the system from conditions that result from our violation of the laws of health as originally given by God. The human body receives food and water and converts them into useful energy for cell enrichment.

As a result, many impurities are produced and accumulate in the system. These are toxin such as ammonia, uric acid and co2 and are eliminated through the skin, kidney, liver and lungs.
If these channels of elimination are blocked, then the toxins will remain in the system.

The stomach for instance, may remain with human waste for hours and failure to eliminate this causes the stomach to groan and rumble, it will start paining and you will run to the hospital to get more ‘poison’ to cause a second problem. Taking drugs to cure stomach ache may not be the solution.

The solution is supplying the body with enough water.

Pimples on the other hand can be caused by accumulation of fats or cholesterol in the blood. The blood eliminates this through the skin. The blocking of the skin by excessive use of oils and lotions make the body unblocks this ‘dung’ by causing boils or pimples.

Nature has it rules.

You maintain a physical and mental fitness through the consumption of proper and wholesome food. Raw food is the main force of preserving our health.

A proper diet is the best of all the medicines produced in the world. In the same way you can say that an improper diet is the cause of a disease. If you accept the facts, your health is in your hands.

Our present diet is based on taste.

If you change, it can save you thousands of dollars which can otherwise spend on medicines.

Go on; read sugar 'is a sweet poison' and Salt ' a redundant constituent of food'

Sugar – ‘A Sweet Poison’

Sweetened tea, coke, juice, chocolate or cake you are reaching out for may have adverse health consequences. Modern therapeutic recommends restriction on the consumption of sugar for the purpose of maintaining health.The naturopathy recommends avoidance of sugar from diet.

Harmless substances like honey and fruits should be substituted for sugar.

Jaggery is produced from sugar cane juice through modern process. Considering their nutritious elements, sugar cane juice is more beneficial to health than jaggery, but white sugar has no role as a nutrient.One of the causes of good health of our ancestors was the absence of white sugar in their diet.They maintained the health and energy because they obtained as much fructose as they wanted from raw food, veggies and fruits.

In my own opinion, on the effects of sugar in human body. There is no physiological requirement for sugar. The calories and energy required for the body are easily available from fruits, veggies and grains.

The constitution of our blood is alkaline.So it is advisable to eat edibles containing minerals. Sugar and sweets after digestion leave acidic residue in the body which is harmful.

The chemical process made upon sugar for whitening and purifying it destroys its nutritious properties. There’s little or no amount of vitamins and mineral in sugar.

The consumption of huge amount of white sugar has led to disease like dental decay, diabetes, cardiac troubles and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). The reckless use of sugar leads to migraine, dermatitis and renal disorders.Moreover, sugar increases the amount of cholesterol in the blood.

Cholesterol accumulates in the inner surface of the arteries which consequently become narrow and hard. The heart has to work vigorously to push blood into such narrow arteries.Consequently, the heart becomes exhausted and weak. Sometimes it fails.

Salt – ‘A redundant constituent of food’

The intake of salt with food causes serious effects in the body and to eliminate it the kidney has to labour. If excessive intake of salt continues, the kidney becomes weak and damaged and sometimes cease to work.

It is true that salt is an essential constituent for taste.Due to this popular belief that food cannot be cooked without salt, there’s hardly an item in our diet which is saltless.

Excess salt, it is claimed, causes improper calcium absorption. It is claimed that salt does harm because it is not food but inorganic chemical which improperly stimulates cell metabolism.

Some of the illness said to be caused by salt: headache, insomnia, migraine, heart disease, hives, kidney ailments, dropsy, cirrhosis, cold sinus conditions, hearing problems, epilepsy, rheumatism and obesity.

Salt is also a factor in the causation of cancer. Cancer patients victims are abnormally fond of salt and salted food.

The human body requires two grain of salt per day and that can be obtained from only 50 grams of veggies. A diet containing veggies and fruits supplies sufficient natural salt to the body and no additional salt is required.

Salt has more demerits than merits.

A construction worker, however, might need additional salt to replace the salts lost in perspiration. If he takes no additional salt, he may suffer from body ache, muscular cramps and exhaustion

A complete omission of salt from the diet has been found to cure insomnia and bring sound sleep. Persons suffering from high blood pressure are benefited when they don't take salt.

Common salt intake can be substituted with Lye (traditional salt).

as the old Africa adage goes......"Why spend money on what are not bread and your labour on what does not satisfy? Surely people perish because of lack of knowledge.


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