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For more than five years, I have sung the praises of Firefox, going so far as recommending it to all in my friends and colleagues. I have been using Firefox and, more recently, Google's Chrome almost exclusively.  Last week, this changed because Microsoft come up with great new stuff! this, I could not believe.'

Microsoft released Internet explorer 9 (beta) last week with heavily readjusted user interface and a number of enhancement. After trying it for a few days, I have to admit that I was impressed. I was so impressed that I've continued to use it, from time to time, even when I don't have to. Let me not bore you with a recitation of the Internet explorer 9's list of new features.  Instead, let me point out what I think shines in IE 9 and what still leaves me cold.

Psst :) For those still using Win XP Operating system and below; sorry, it's true that Internet Explorer 9 will not run on these old operating systems.

Tear-away tabs: Although Microsoft votes it as one of IE 9's greatest inventions. Firefox and Chrome have had them for ages. When you click on a tab and drag it, the tab blossoms into its own browser window. Drag the new standalone tab back to its original window, and the tabs go back to their previous location.
Finally, IE 9 does this too but Internet Explorer 9 has an additional trick up its sleeve.

The trick is the ability to drag and pin a tab to the Windows 7 task bar. Currently, you can only drag a Website in the browser's search/URL address bar but not and pin it to your default browser's task bar icon. This new feature makes launching sites you go to everyday, such as Ciri's Life Coach, just a little faster.

I would not call that a breakthrough innovation, but it does show some ingenuity. Chrome 6 has for a long time, had a similar feature called Application Shortcuts (click the Tools icon, choose Tools, Create Application Shortcuts), but it does not work as well. Pinning a site on the Win7 task bar is neat, but it does not top new Tab Pap, e'er, Panorama  feature that is evolving in the Firefox 4 betas. Panorama lets you group tabs together, stick them out of the way, and bring then back as a group. It is a slick way to combine related tabs in a set and switch sets as you change tasks or topics

So which browser suits you? Download beta versions of from their respective site: IE 9, Fire Fox 4 and Chrome 7. Caution: Before you download and install these betas, keep in mind that they might not work with most current browser add-on. I recommend you do your testing not on your ready working PC. Do you know what I like the most about Internet explorer 9? It's going to make Firefox and Chrome better, too. That's good for us.

Kenya's new media: Internet use across Africa has grown by over 130 per cent in the last year. In Kenya growth more than doubled in the last two years making it the fastest growing media, with more than 3.5 million monthly users. The Kenyan market lacks an agency which can tell Kenyan companies how to maximize opportunities in digital sphere.

Therefore, I know what I am going for (consultancy on digital marketing) is huge and others such as Scan group are going after it and if they are not, they are making a mistake. As time flies, other people will figure it out, and every minute that I am not working on it, is a minute when they are making progress and I am not. And that is just not OK.

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