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Natural healthy foods: Africa’s Dishes’ eBook

Discover How to create a fusion, in the sense that some basic African recipes are given a modern twist that taste sinful and satisfy without Guilt!

You'll become a better cook as you say goodbye to confusing recipes. Learn step-by-step, easy African cooking techniques that allow your creativity to stand out.
Welcome to Natural healthy foods-Africa’s Dishes’ eBook. An African e-cookbook designed to demonstrate nutritionally-accepted methods of cooking that can fit into both modern and traditional kitchen. Secondly, the recipes that makes each and every meal special and unique.


As an African, I have discovered that African foods are the key to a satisfying whole-foods diet.

But when you think of making a rich and dreamy African dish, it usually conjures up images of long and difficult recipes that only a top foreign chef could create.

Would it be fun if you could learn how to cook delicious and African dishes quickly and easily?

Dishes included in this book represent a cross-section of the community in East African region and beyond. Ebinyebwa, matoke and lumonde cuisine from Uganda, coconut milk with rice from Tanzania and irio, mutura and millet ugali represent some of the Kenyan dishes.

The goal is to promote global cultures in your plate.

In this digital book you’ll discover:
  • Ways of African food preparation.
  • Health and medicinal wonders of African Cuisine.
  • How to cook African snacks, relishes, condiments and drinks and many more.
All the tools you need can be found within the pages of this e-book, including
  • Ingredients that form the base of your African cuisine.
  • How to prepare African Bread with high vitamin A and relatively low glycemic index.
  • How to create African vegetable fusion with medicinal properties for elderly, young, men and women.
  • How to create health drinks with levels of vitamin C nearly 6 times higher than that of orange.
  • How to prepare tasty salt-less African dish using only traditional salt.
Your mission: Simply mix and match to build a winning African cuisine.

Ever give that salt shaker on your kitchen table a second thought? You should. Once a precious commodity, salt has become ever-present in our food supply, to the point where it’s estimated we each eat over 3,400 milligrams a day, far more than we need. So, what to do? Do I empty the salt shaker and stop adding salt in cooking? This isn’t the best approach because dumping the salt shaker reduces your salt intake by less than 10%. To lighten up on salt, use naturally low sodium, this is the reason most of the ingredients in this digital book uses traditional salt.

Hands-On Step-by-Step Instructional Guide

This hands-on, step-by-step instruction of how to create and flavor your African meal means you can repeat these techniques over and over and over again. You will free yourself from the bonds of recipes and allow your creativity to shine through.

In fact, since most of the techniques taught in this e-cook book can work with any whole-foods cooking you do, hence making you a better cook. As you learn many cooking basics to build a winning African dish, you can easily translate these basics to other dishes.

What does this mean for you? Very little meal planning, since you can build an entire meal quickly and easily. Imagine how excited you will be to get into the kitchen to whip up a scrumptious and healthy meal. In addition, we believe pictures are worth 1000 words, therefore, some recipes have been illustrated pictorially.

For the Vegetarians

This e-cook book Will help you to create vegetable fusion and indeed African tradition vegetables are very high in dietary fiber, which aids in bowel movement, making them desirable for colon cleaning and hence, an enjoyable way of keeping colon cancer at bay! They are also high in mineral content. Some of these meat-free recipes will persons with these dietary goals to stick to them. Thus, making you stay true to yourself.

For the epicureans and carnivores

Such satisfying and nutritious meat relishes that when prepared will assure a feeling of security and wellness.

Not Just a Collection of Recipes

This one of a kind unique instructional eBook with highly selective recipes for health benefits will free you from the bondage of frequent bout of illness. Also, as you learn the easy techniques, it will guarantee your success as you gain confidence in cooking.

Plus Free Bonuses!

With your purchase of Natural Healthy Foods African Dishes ebook

You will receive a bonus 'Guide to Therapeutic Value of Medicinal Plants' product. Therapeutic Value of Medicinal Plants takes the guesswork out of herbs used as home remedies.

Felix Wawerus’ first e-cook book, Natural Healthy Foods Africa's Dishes, is available on, Amazon UK and Amazon DE  in Kindle.                                

This will certainly make a great gift for your favorite cook.


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