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How to wear perfume right

We recognise that perfumes should be the final touch in getting ourselves to feel and look to face a new day, but our shopping experience for fragrance entails walking into a shop, sniffing two or three tester bottles, settling for one and buying it.

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We also don't know how to find the scent that best expresses our personality and lifestyle and we do not consider factors like climate and skin type to make good choices.

How to wear your perfume right    

  • Perfume rises when applied, so it is vital that it is  applied on pulse points such as the elbow bend, ear lobes wrist, in between the breasts and behind the knees.
  • Sweat and heat can cause a fragrance to be more pronounced so use a light scent on a hot day and on a day when you will be doing heavy physical work.
  • When it is cold, the skin is drier, giving the perfume no base to cling to which means that it evaporates faster. The best option on such a day would therefore be a heavier scent.

Tips on how to retain the scent for as long as possible
  • To make your scent last longer, layer it with a body wash, body lotion or cream and then the fragrance. The scent will stick for longer.
  • Wear your perfume away from sweating areas such as the armpits. It is anti-perspirant that should go here. Also wear it at different pulse points.
  • Never try to substitute fragrance with a shower. The perfume will only mix with body odour to become a very different, less than desirable smell rather than a scent.
  • Keep it away from direct sunlight which will change its colour as well as scent. This means not keeping the bottle anywhere close to the window. Keep it in the box you bought it in to protect it from the same.
  • Do not leave the bottle uncapped to keep away dust and other particles that also alter scent.
  • Rather than dispose of finished perfume bottles, keep them in your wardrobe with your clothes. Your clothes will absorb and keep the scent.
  • Just as we invest in personal care and beauty products to keep ourselves feeling and looking good, it naturally follows that we should invest in a perfume to top off the whole habit of self-love and appreciation.

Note: Perfume such as Dolce perfume also make an excellent gift to give loved ones and friends especially if in sync with their personality.


  1. Anonymous12:04 PM

    I have always been confused on whether to apply my cologne to my clothes or body? I'm a teen and I like to say thanks. This is a wonderful tip.

  2. @Anonymous Thanks, its my pleasure. Also, to achieve a luxurious freshness, opt for a layered fragrance. By using the same fragrance in your bath, body splash, anti-perspirant, lotion and perfume. You can create a fresh way to perfume yourself, what is called layering. These layering set come in a delicious scent like cucumber, raspberry and vanilla. If your city is Nairobi, then you can buy the layered perfume at Swornies at Kenyatta Avenue.


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