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Water is key to wellness

  1. Is your sweat smelly? Sweat naturally should not be smelly.
  2. Do you have bad breath and yet you do not even have a dental problem?
  3. Do you eliminate yellow, smelly urine and at a frequency of less than four times a day?
  4. Does your stool smell yet you practice proper food combination?
  5. Are you constipated? Not passing your bowel at least twice a day?
  6. Are you overweight
Ever visited some offices located next to smelly toilets and you wonder how they survive? We also do this to our bodies! we do not flush out our body systems and get accustomed to the smell and toxicity in our bodies. At times we brush our teeth in the evening and then when we wake up in the morning, we have this foul smell. So we quickly brush our teeth and even rinse it with mouthwash. 

Where does this foul smell come from?

We also perspire very smelly sweat which we get used to and are only concerned that somebody somewhere might feel uncomfortable around us, so we buy some deodorant and expensive perfumes and body sprays.

The question we ignore again is, why does my sweat smell? We go to the toilet and do our job then the whole small room is filled with an awful smell, we quickly call to the aid of an air freshener and leave as fast as we can. The question again is, is it the toilet that has the the tendency to smell or is it what we have carried inside our bodies?

Do we drink enough water to enable us to flush out the rot in our body?

Water is vital ingredient in the functioning of our body's cells. If the body is not given at least eight glasses of water a day required to support its functions which includes self cleansing, it holds onto the water already in the body whether it is clean or dirty.

In certain cases, where people drink only about two glasses of water per day, their body hardly releases the dirty water as it has to give priority to other important body functions before it considers flushing out and cleansing itself.

Water holds our waste products in solution as a medium of transportation to eliminate them from our body.  

This is accomplished when our body cells take a shower and the dirty water is eliminated through the bowel, bloodstream and lymphatic systems. If you have any of the above symptoms, it is likely that you have been washing the outside and not the inside of the cup.

A small gland near the center of the brain called hypothalamus, regulates water distribution in our bodies. This gland regulates when particular cells need to be replenished with water and when our body needs to eliminate the same.

Now, some of us do not drink the minimum 8 glasses of water per day. As a matter of fact, some of us drink only after a meal when the hypothalamus signals for more water to digest the food that you have eaten.

The body knows under all costs it must keep the water to carry oxygen, to keep our mouths fluid and eyes moist. Water to carry the blood cells for the heart to pump the blood blood in our whole system.

So if you are not taking adequate water the body may not eliminate the already over used water because it has to hold on its reserve whether clean or dirty.

For you to start experiencing wellness, you need to keep your body cells in a clean environment. You must provide the cells with at least 8 glasses of water per day so that it is able to get an internal shower and flush out the dirty water on daily basis.

Some of us are overweight because we do not take enough water to help sweep out rubbish in our bodies. Others have swollen legs due to water retention caused by lack of adequate water and overworking the kidneys with toxic water in the body.

Water can build or compromise your health.

Commit yourself from today to take at least 8 glasses of water per day  and 12 glasses if you are overweight and start experiencing wellness.

Water is key to wellness. Drink it!!


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