How to Prepare Healthy African snacks

Healthy snacks play a major role in a healthy diet. Snacking provides energy and keeps you from starving in-between meals no matter what your lifestyle is.

It is important to choose foods that fulfill your appetite yet provide nutrients and energy you need. For example, Moms can transform their children's' health by giving them orange sweet potatoes chapatis instead of plain ugali or bread.

Orange-fleshed sweet potatoes are one of the best foods available anywhere in the world for supplying Vitamin A. The potatoes offer up to eight times the level of carotene necessary for making vitamin A in the body than other vitamin A foods.

African Healthy Snack recipes

Pictorial Guide for Preparing Sweet Potato, Low Gluten Mandazis and Chapattis

# 1 Wash and peel the potatoes

# 2 Boil until soft (fork can penetrate)

# 3 Mash potatoes; add wheat flour and sugar and mix. Knead the mixture as you add water until dough is ready

# 4 Prepare as normal wheat flour mandazi (roll, cut pieces and deep-fry to golden colour)

To prepare chapattis, follow steps 1-3 above. Remember: Chapatis do not require sugar in them, unlike mandazis.

# 1 Prepare as normal 100% wheat flour chapattis (cut dough into portions, roll and fry in shallow oil to golden colour).

Carrot Chapati
  • 3 medium sized carrots (grated finely)
  • 1 kg wheat flour

  • Grate the carrots, put aside
  • Knead the dough with salt to taste
  • Add the grated carrots
  • Mix well to have a good dough
  • Put it aside for 30 minutes
  • Cut into pieces and make them into balls
  • Roll out the balls to chapatti
  • Shallow fry the chapatti

Samosa (stuffed with green pigeon peas)
  • 1 kg of wheat flour
  • Salt to taste
  • Knead the flour to get good dough
  • Cut the dough into small rounded sizes (size of chapatti)
  • Roll them out into a 10-15 cm radius
  • Smear cooking oil on them and lay them on top of each other (3 layers)
  • Roll out the dough in layers and dry/cook slightly on a pan then separate them
  • Cut the chapatti into 4 pieces
  • Make glue by mixing water and wheat flour
  • Glue the pieces to the shape of a samosa
  • Put in the filling and deep fry them in oil till they turn golden brown for 15 minutes
  • Boil ½ kg of green pigeon peas
  • Mix the boiled green peas with sliced uncooked red onions and crushed garlic and pepper 
  • Add salt to taste
  • Stuff the samosa with this filling

Pumpkin Chapati
  • 1 cup mashed pumpkin
  • Cooking oil
  • 1 Kg Wheat flour
  • Salt to taste or Lye
  • Boil 2 pieces of pumpkin till well cooked
  • Mash the pumpkin 
  • Sieve to get a very fine consistency in a basin
  • Add some boiled little water (from boiled pumpkin) to make a water smooth consistency 
  • Add in the flour (wheat) flour little by little while stirring vigorously 
  • Then knead well to make good dough with a yellow even consistency
  • Add some little oil and put aside for 30 minutes
  • Roll out the dough to make the size of chapatti
  • Shallow fry them in oil

Mahamri (with Sweet Potatoes)
  • 3 large sized white sweet potatoes (1 cup of mash)
  • 1 Kg wheat flour
  • Sugar (4 tablespoonfuls)
  • Baking powder 2 and ½ tablespoons
  • Cooking oil (deep frying)
  • Peel the sweet potatoes and boil them till well cooked
  • Mash them to a soft consistency 
  • Sieve to get a fine/ smooth mash
  • Mix with 1 kg of wheat flour
  • Add sugar, baking powder
  • Heat the cooking oil
  • Mix the ingredients well and rub to get a good consistency
  • Add ½ cup of warm water and knead well to get a smooth dough

  • 4 pieces cassava medium sized white type
  • 3 sweet potatoes (red type medium sized)
  • Green banana
  • Nduma red type (3 medium sized arrowroots)
  • Peel and wash the tubers
  • Cut them into small cubes
  • Peel the green banana, clean well and cut into cubes
  • Boil the cassava for 10 minutes
  • Add green banana, nduma and sweet potatoes
  • Cook for 20 minutes
  • Fry the mixture in onions and tomatoes for 10 minutes
  • Mash the mixture lightly
  • Serve warm 

  • Onions (2) sliced medium sized
  • Tomatoes (3 medium sized) sliced
  • Cassava (peeled and cut into pieces and boiled ½ way)
  • Arrowroots 'nduma'  (1/2 cooked and sliced into small pieces)
  • Irish potatoes (not cooked but sliced)
  • Pumpkin (cubes-not cooked)
  • Sweet potatoes-1/2 cooked cubes
  • Put all these in a cooking bowl, but tomatoes should be at the top
  • Season to taste
  • Add some cooking coil
  • Cover and cook for 30 minutes
  • Mash

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