How to stand out when business networking

Your online profile is more important to you now than ever before especially if you are looking for a job!

Being in the job market can sometimes be a little depressing, but in the age of Web 2.0, there are plenty of other things you can do to stand out from the crowd and get that position you want.

So how can you successfully market yourself online and really stand out?

Are You on LinkedIn ?

#1 What does your professional headline say about you

Does your professional headline say exactly what you do or does it say “Manager at XYZ Ltd.”? You have 120 characters, so be creative. Try something like “Hands on retail Manager for a manufacturing and distribution company".

#2 Use your three hot links

Have you used the three hot links appropriately? Rather than using the standard “my website,” choose the “other” option and create a link back to your Facebook business page or your blog. Think about exposure of your own personal brand while you’re in the job market.

#3: Send personalized connection requests

When you first send a possible contact an invitation, do it from his or her own profile page by clicking the Add to Your Network link.

This gives you the opportunity to remind Paul where you know him from. This is particularly useful if you’re getting back in touch after a long period of time, say from an old job or your school days.

If you simply send a connection request from the Add Connections box, there’s no facility to personalize your message.

This might be a quick and easy way to add a handful of new connections, but spend the time and do it right by adding your personal touch to each one by following the steps above. 

#4: Reply when accepting a connection request 

Most of the time when I receive the standard email from LinkedIn that says a connection request has been accepted, I rarely get a short message from the new connection saying "Hi."

What should happen? 

When Joseph has accepted my connection request, he could then send a short message back. I like to take a look at my new connection's profile if I am not too familiar with him, and find something I can comment on. Perhaps this may be; he comes from my home town or works for a company I know or his interest that he is a blogger like me. Whatever it is try to find something to start a short conversation to build a relationship. Make an effort to find out more. 

Note: People easily judge on first impression, so make yours a great one, each and every time you connect

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