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How to Treat Obesity Using Natural Supplements

Do you still endure the Pain of heading to the gym to shed off excess fat in order to Gain less weight? No need to worry, you are not alone.

A daily delicacy of yogurt, fermented porridge and acidophilus natural supplements with a little exercise produces the same slimming effect as the fitness center.


The colon should contain about 85% lactobacillus and about 15% other 'bugs' such as coliform bacteria, but these percentages are usually reversed. for these reason,  bloating, Mal-absorption problems, toxicity result. Lactobacillus acidophilus natural supplements may help neutralize these conditions.

Lactobacillus are friendly bacteria found in fermented products such as yogurt and has the ability to slow down obesity. The bug overtime, reduces the amount of fat absorbed by the body, eliminating the possibilities of obesity.

The changes may only reduce fat absorption by a little amount, but this could have an impact on obesity if sustained over several years.

How else do you explain the lean body frame of people from communities such as Kalenjin (best known for their World's leading athletes) daily consumption of fermented porridge or milk such as mursik.

Therefore, those people who take yogurt regularly and over a long time are more likely to realise the benefits of a lean body and reduced attack from disease causing organisms. Obese people have a lesser amount of lactobacillus compared to their lean counterparts.

The amount of lactobacillus in the body increases as a person loses weight. This reduction in the amount of fat is also likely to stimulate the performance of the immune system and healthy life of children and other persons especially in the area of HIV.

In children, the lactobacillus has a potentially double effect of preventing diarrhoea and to ward off HIV infection.

The breakdown of nutrients by these friendly 'bugs' produces lactic acid that makes the environment hostile for undesirable organisms. The effect of these bacteria means less use of antibiotics to control disease infection.

In women: the acidic virginal environment generated by this bacteria is known to kill HIV which survives well in less acidic environment, which have higher chances of getting infected with HIV.

Although lactobacillus bacteria can be found in fermented products such as buttermilk, cheese, yogurt in which much of the lactose has been predigested.

Natural supplements are also available, to be taken on an empty stomach 1 hour before meals and never to be taken with antibiotics.


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