African Secrets to Herbal Remedies

Ever thought of adapting to using natural, medicinal herbs for preventive and curative purposes?

As promised in our Herbal Plants used for Alternative medicine article, below are secretive medicinal remedies, as told by an aged medicine man from Gatundu Central Kenya.

# 1 Common diseases
  • Gather a handful of leaves or twigs of Kenya Greenheart or Knob wood or Neem tree
  • Wash them in cold water and boil for about 3 hours, in limited heat
  • Pour the liquid in a clean container
Note: About ½ kg of the leaves is capable of producing decoction to be taken for 6 days at a rate of 2 glasses per day. This applies to those suffering from such ailments as fever, flu, sore throat, stomach disorders, rheumatic and general pains.

For preventive measure, the mixture is to be taken quarterly each year, at a rate of a glass per day for the next 14 days as a normal drink when due for bed.

# 2 External and Skin disorders

Apply the sap of a broken aloe or hibiscus shrub to the affected part for a minor injury. Also, for a soothing and relaxed skin add broken pieces of the shrub in bathing water. Please, do not mistake the gel for aloe juice (which has more higher nutrient content than gel). Do not go squeezing out the gel and adding it to your orange juice as an alternative to the aloe juice, cautions the old man! The juice is made using special process that extracts the best from the whole plant. Drinking the aloe juice has a yikes! crude oil jelly like feel in your insides. Though, this may be the case, its benefits are worth it. On a by the bye, aloe juice has therapeutic benefits to treat type 1 diabetes. This is because aloe lowers blood sugar levels and its inflammatory-effect relieves the redness in pancreas due to immune response attacks.

 # 3 Urinary conditions

Boil pieces of broken bark of red stinkwood. For the sick , especially men over 40 years of age, the mixture is to be taken at a rate of 2 glasses per day. The aging should consume the mixture at a rate of a glass/day for 14 days every month.

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  1. It seems the Loliondo 'miracle drink' simply involves boiling the roots of a tree called mgamriaga (bush plum), scientific name Carissa spinarum. It is believed to cure chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, TB and Aids though scientific proof is still in progress.

  2. Thanks to author as well as to Felix Waweru for telling us about the importance of the roots of Bush Plum...I will surely give this information to my uncle,who is in first stage of diabetes..

  3. @Mucuna Pruriens Your welcome. I also recommend you subscribe to the blog in order to get updates on the African secrets to herbal remedies digital book.


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