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7 Remedies to Help Stop Habitual Snoring

It is estimated that 6 out of every 10 adults snore while two-thirds of partnered adults say their spouse habitually snores, according to statistical figures released by the National Sleep Foundation. Snoring is an annoying and often embarrassing complaint, seen especially in the older male patient. It is a problems that not only affects the snorer but also the spouse.

Although you may snore loudly, your spouse may become accustomed to it over the years as you grow older together! but it can be an embarrassing situation in a second marriage or when staying with others. This may afflict both the snorer and the partner off sleep.Sleep disturbances usually occurs during the early morning hours and deprives the snorer of normal rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and it may also lead to periods of temporary stoppage of breathing (apnea).

Luckily, there are snoring remedies that can help one to stop snoring. Below is a list of recommended anti snoring remedies that work:
  1. Alcohol and other drugs that may worsen the snoring before bedtime should be avoided.
  2. Weight control, although easier said than done! Sleep apnea causes increased eating during the day in an attempt to stay awake, while increased weight may cause sleep apnea. Treating the sleep apnea often results in weight loss.
  3. The snorer should sleep on the side rather than the back.
  4.  A poke in the side or in the ribs of the snorer may stimulate light sleep and may reduce the snoring to an acceptable level.
  5. Surgical removal of tonsils, and subsequent scar tissue formation may help to stiffen the soft palate.
  6. Nasal airways surgery to clear any blockage present may aid greatly to reduce or even stop snoring.
  7. Use of cPap (continuous positive airway pressure) Sleep Pillow, where positive pressure in the upper airway is maintained to prevent soft tissue collapse, is most successful in most people. The snore pillow, though expensive it allows one to avoid surgeries, pills, sprays, masks, or other oral appliances. Its only a single pillow.
Note: Anti-snoring mouth guards such as snoreplasty, though, cheap it involves a process of injecting a pain-free vaccine into the fleshy soft palate at the back of the throat. As an E.N.T. specialist I recommend the above traditional methods as they are proven to be very effective in snore cure.

Dr. Lucy Wachuka
About the Guest Author:

Lucy Wachuka is an ENT specialist with Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH). She has been in this field for more than 20 years and she loves what she does. You can keep in touch with her via Email


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