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Breast Cancer Lump-How to Check For Lumps in Breast

This is a dainty health tip to every woman who is concerned about lumps in their breasts. Before your lump breast is evaluated by a doctor, it is important to know how to personally check for any lumps in your breast.

Steps to Check for Lumps in Breast
  • Gentle to moderate kneading, rubbing and squeezing strikes with the hands are sufficient enough to induce increased lymph and blood flow to the breast. Gentle breast massage is of great benefit and lessens the risk of breast cancer. Firstly, use your fingers to gently smooth away from the nipple.Make this stroke slow, not fast, for it to be effective.
Note: These movements travel from the nipple and directly away using no more pressure than what you would apply to your eyelid. Any more pressure would flatten the lymphatic vessels and stop the flow of toxins and fluids.
  • Gently massage the breast with kneading-like motion, using lifting and pressing movements.
  • Slowly and carefully use your hands to twist the breast in a clock-wise and anti-clockwise direction, being careful not to put too much tension on the breast.
This do-it-yourself checking for lumps in your breast should be done at least twice a week. It can be done on bare skin, but you may find that using some vegetable oil may be more comfortable, but refrain from using scented or mineral based oils.

Here are other tips to care for your breasts and if showing off a bit of your bosom is going to get some attention then you should give them a bit more care:

Do not wear old bras: Unlike good wine, bras have a lifespan and after about a year and a half, they stop protecting your breasts. A little bit of bra spring-cleaning every now and then should sort you out.

Do not shave your nipples: If you get random hairs growing on your breasts, pluck them off or wax them. Waxing helps get rid of the dead skin and makes them feel super soft after that. But do not use a razor, the skin on your nipples is very sensitive and running a razor blade over it can cause infections or even scratch your skin badly.

Sunscreen your breasts: You spread sunscreen on your faces to limit damage from exposure to the sun and forget that much of the time, parts of your chest are exposed too. You should certainly sunscreen your chest to avoid the same skin damage as your face. Don't let your neck and upper chest area are faster than you well cared for face.

Don't drink too much or smoke: It has been said several times, but I'll say it again. Do not do these things because they can cause breast cancer and make you fat! As with any part of your body, it's not healthy for your breasts to keep gaining and losing weight. This is the definite way of getting stretch marks in this area. Stick to a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise.

Go for a mammogram: Even if you are young and feel like you have nothing to worry about, get one done every year or so. Its better to be safe than sorry.


  1. Monicah2:24 PM

    Is there a herbal treatment for breast cancer?

    1. According to Roslida Ochuoga, a herbalist at Siaya in Kenya. She uses Acacia + Mimosa tree species, and crushes the leaves, mixing it with Vaseline and applying at a certain dosage. Or, she roasts the fruits of Kigelia africana, locally known as roriot and massages the breast twice a day for 8 days. I may not have all the answers at the moment but subscribe to the blog, to get updates on herbal treatments for common, problematic diseases such as diabetes, ulcers, asthma as I continue writing my African secrets to Herbal Remedies digital book.


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