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Cheap Wedding Ideas-How Couples can minimize on Costs

One reason why many couples shy away from doing a wedding is the cost involved. Below are tips on how couples can plan a cheap wedding and still have a fulfilling ceremony:

When setting the wedding date, you may want to consider choosing a Friday or any other working day and not the weekend, especially on a Saturday. This reduces the number of guests at your reception. Shorten your wedding guest list bearing in mind that each time you add a name to your invitation list; you are increasing your budget significantly. You not only increase transport and communication but also the catering services become costly. Always remember the golden rule, do not invite anyone you have not seen or talked to for more than 4 years except your close friend or relative.

Hotel ballrooms and well-trimmed grounds as wedding receptions for hire are usually expensive. You could opt to rent a Church or a community center as they are more affordable. All you will need is to spend a reasonable amount to spruce them up for the occasion. Choosing an affordable wedding is better than having to pay say, $ 2,000 for grounds only. Remember, select a wedding venue where both the ceremony and reception can take place.

If you prefer a separate place for the wedding reception, cut costs by opting for a beautiful venue with well-tendered lawns and gardens since you will not need to spend too much on the wedding decoration. Do not shy away from a reception venue that is free or low-cost. A free or cheap wedding reception includes a family member's home, a friend or your home. A church hall is also another cheap wedding site. I would suggest, having the wedding on a late afternoon where you can serve your guests snacks as opposed to a full meal. Also, avoid holding your wedding during high demand flower holidays such as Valentine's Day since flowers are expensive. In addition, consider using balloons instead of decoration.

Though it's a big day for the bride, you do not need to import a wedding dress or even buy it expensive.  There are fabulous cheap wedding dresses that are equally elegant.  After all, you need it only for a day.

Technology has made life easier and much cheaper. Instead of printing cards, consider using cheap wedding invitations such as e-cards. This is much affordable way of notifying your family and friends about the wedding. For those with no access to internet, text messages and brief calls will do.Also, for ease of budgeting, ask your guests to confirm their attendance early enough.

Hiring a photographer can be very expensive. With today's digital cameras, do-it-yourself photography is a great way to cut cost. Ask friends to volunteer as photographers for casual photos at the wedding reception. If you want professional photos, specify the photographer's services to a minimal package to include a few family, wedding party and personal bride and groom shots. Let friends and the family do the rest for themselves. To avoid the services of a videographer, get a relative to shoot the video especially if they have good computer skills and to get access to video editing software packages.

Avoid hiring transport for those attending your wedding unless they are very important. A person who really wants to attend your special day should be able to sort his or her transport to the wedding reception or ceremony. For the bridal party transport consider borrowing cars from friends and family and not hiring.

No matter what your income is, an ideal wedding reception is always possible.


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