Ginger Ale Drinks-Health Benefits and Recipe

Real ginger ale is a drink made with organic fresh ginger, lemon or orange. It has been used for many years for prevention and management of ailments, easing pains and relaxing soft tissues.

It has a refreshing taste and quenches thirst. carbonated substitutes to the real ginger ale drink are full of sugar  with additives and colorings which are harmful the body.

  • Ginger root - It is rich in calcium, dietary fiber, minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium, manganese and sodium, vitamin C,E and B6
  • Lemon - This is rich in vitamins C, B and A, dietary fibers and other therapeutic values.

Health Benefits
Some of the health benefits of natural ginger ale are:
  • It has an anti-histamine effect on the upper respiratory system.
  • It has natural chemical compounds, which have anti-inflammatory properties, this help in reducing joint and muscle pains, and providing relief for the arthritic and chronic muscle.
  • Fighting nausea, dizziness and vomiting thus, it is good to use for managing morning sickness.
  • Relaxing smooth muscles of the alimentary canal and reducing intestinal cramps, stomach pain and intestinal gases.
  • It lowers cholesterol.
  • It detoxifies organs of the body thus promoting proper functioning of the liver, digestive and waste eliminating organs such as kidney. This helps the body to function more effectively.
  • Is a mouth freshener.
  • It has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and natural preservative properties.
  • It soothes the nervous system thus relieving stress.
  • It relieves circulatory disorders.
Note: These benefits are all missing from the sugar-packed denatured drinks available in the market.

Homemade ginger ale recipe: Ginger ale is best made with fresh organic ingredients. Blend or juice small pieces of peeled ginger with one lemon (orange or tangerine may also be used). Add a glass or two of water and stir. You may add a natural sweetener or organic honey to make it more pleasant. You may also use additional ingredients such as grapes and watermelon.

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