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Job Search-How to Improve Your Grammar Skills

Polish Your English Language

Why do we have many people complaining about the increasing number of resume or Curriculum Vitae, they have sent and interviews they have attended yet those jobs stay out of reach? There are many reasons that could explain this issue. Job search is about perception. It is a marketing participation in which you seek to impress the employer that you are the greatest person they would ever dream of having.

You want to come out as the most suitable person for the available position. Therefore, grammar is key in how you present yourself. It may be long since you were in grammar class, however, the principles you learnt then still apply in the employment world.

The way you use grammar in both written and spoken form can mean either success or failure in your job search. I'm surprised at the little care most of us tend to give to issues of grammar, especially spelling and sentence construction. A rule of thumb is to always spell check your CV and application letter before emailing it. In most cases, however, there are mistakes that the computer may fail to find for you since they could be proper English words yet used wrongly. It is therefore, important to have a trusted friend go through the document for you before you send it.

The other common grammatical concern in CV is the use of capitalization. Many people still struggle with the understanding of where and when to use capital letters. Seeing proper nouns that have been written in small letters often puts the reader off and shows how as a person you are not serious. For example, how would you write the name of your last college or even names of your referees in small letters? Each of the words in the name of the school should start with capital letters.

Spoken language is the other challenge many people struggle with. Understanding the requirements of the language in which you would conduct an interview is important as it helps you prepare for such elements as sentence construction. A person who seems to fumble with sentence construction is an embarrassment to both the panel and the person being interviewed. This is especially important since at interviews, you are expected to think and react quickly. No employer would want a person who lacks the capacity to present themselves in a clear and proper way.

Working on your spoken language is therefore, a great investment to make before you set out on that job search.


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