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Saving and Fixing Your Wet Cell Phone

An unfortunate mishap happens with your phone dropping into a pool, toilet, some liquid or someone knocks over a drink. If you act fast, you can save your wet cell phone.

After identifying an original cell phone, which  symbolizes a major investment, here are tips on how to fix you wet cell phone.

  1. Do not turn it on immediately to see if it works. Resist to test the phone while it is still wet because water creates a short circuit in your android or iPhone rendering it useless.
  2. Take out any removable parts such as the battery, Sim-card and the memory card. As long as the battery is still in the cell phone it will provide power to your phone, and that is what you need to stop immediately. If the phone fell in a pool of muddy water, pull out the removable parts and dip them in clear water first before drying them out.
  3. Use a fan or a blow dryer on zero heat to dry out your cell phone. Run the cool air full blast all over your phone. Remember, never to dry your wet cell phone in the oven or microwave even on low heat. The heat may destroy your phone's circuits and melt its internal components.
  4. Dip your phone in uncooked rice to dry it. The idea behind the use of rice is that the dry grains will absorb moisture. Therefore, get a plastic container, fill it with enough rice to cover your phone and cover it tightly to prevent entry of moisture. Then bury your wet cell phone in the rice, along with its battery and other parts. Wait at least 24 hrs for the rice to dry the phone.
Note: Silica gel, the stuff that keeps new clothes and shoes dry, works better than rice but most of us do not have a shoe box full of this desiccant lying around. Therefore rice will have to do. It does not matter whether its brown or white rice, so long as its hard and dry and uncooked.

After you have waited at least 24 hrs, reassemble your cell phone, charge it and try to power it on. Please note, the faster you act, the better your chances of saving your wet cell phone.


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