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Secrets to Growing Hair Faster Naturally

Tips for Growing Afro Hair Long

Many women enjoy the idea of having long hair, that grows beyond the back of the neck. Sometimes, it never gets beyond a certain length. The reasons for this maybe genetics or African hair structures. One reason why some hair does not grow long faster is because of lack of moisture at the hair ends.

Presently, most women prefer the dry relaxed styles, which have to be treated with heat to keep the style in place. This makes it dry and brittle, leading to split ends, daily breaking and keeping the hair length in one place without much growth. unlike, back in the days, when Jerry curls was in fashion. Many Afro-American women experienced growing long hair, since the hair had to be kept moist to activate the curls. The daily application of glyceline-based oils kept the ends moist, and as a result, the hair simply grew and grew.

So, to grow it long and strong, you must keep the moisture content of your hair above 15 per cent. The best way to do this is to use products containing glycerine which seals in the moisture. The water content in glycerine binds to the protein sulfur bonds deep within the hair cuticle causing them to continue growing. Oils rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, are other natural oils, which helps in retaining the hair moisture level high.

One of the richest sources of the Omega-3 is olive oil. using this nature-based oil nourishes your hair from within to give important nutrients to the hair shaft and scalp. To maximize your hair growth, follow these steps for three months.

Step 1: Start using a combination of natural olive oil products combined with glycerine. These have moisture and essential fatty acids.

Step 2: Keep your hair often washed and moisturized. After washing, always follow-up with a generous application of olive oil from the roots to the tips.

Step 3: Give yourself some regular home hot oil treatments. Do this by placing a mixture of olive oil and safflower oil in a bowl than heat by placing bowl in a bigger bowl of hot water. Divide your hair into even parts, and then use your fingertips to apply the warm oil.

Step 4: Reduce the several times you relax your hair and reduce the amount of heat you use on your hair. The moist method of growing your hair will work, even if you have braids.


  1. How do I know a hairstyle that would suit me best so that I don't keep explaining to my stylist?

  2. @Jess Always choose styles that will emphasize your good features while concealing your bad ones. for instance, short round face can be flattened by a long crown and shorter sides to minimize the roundness. Take time to consult before a service is started.

  3. Thanks. I'm really glad I can talk to someone about my hair. So, how should I treat my hair which is fine and looks body-less?

  4. @Jess Opt for texturising. This will create body and soft curls. Use mousse when setting to plump it up. Remember, do not use a relaxer.


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