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Unlock iPhone Without Jailbreak - Pros and Cons

What if someone told you that the iPhone's offers such as the extra crispy clear sound, an auto focus camera, high  resolution to enjoy videos, movies, photos and 3D graphics games are only some of the iPhone's capabilities and if you jailbreak it, you'll be able to download and install various exciting applications, turning your iPhone into any gadget you desire, that is to say, you will unlock a new digital world?

You may probably be wondering what is iPhone jailbreak. Jailbreaking means hacking an electronic device's default security and operating limits. It generally refers to the hacking of Apple's iOS mobile operating system, but may be applied to other types of gadgets such as iPad.

iPhone jailbreak involves opening the phone so that you can access and modify portions of the phone that are normally out-of-bounds.

This should not be confused with unlocking a phone. Unlocking allows you to change your mobile phone services provider from the one in which the phone was previously locked to. Buying an Apple iPhone 4-Factory Unlocked, allows you to seamlessly work with just any micro-Sim, thus connecting you to Apple iTunes store. It does not limit you to only using AT&T as a service provider.

Update! It is now official, Apple has started selling Factory Unlocked iPhone 4s. In the offer, they are available in 16, 32 or 64 GB black or  white versions.Or you may opt to jailbreak your iPhone 4S. The jail break service provided by will cost you $ 19.99.

For a more cheaper alternative to unlocking your iPhone, use GEVEY sim cards. Browsing through the various products on Amazon I came across this sim card from Gevey and noticed that it had well over 100 reviews from actual customers and had a star rating well into the fours, nearly as high as their star ratings can go.

After reading the product description and then skipping to the reviews I found countless people saying they could use this Gevey turbo sim card to unlock their iPhone, while a few were distrustful of the product. Slightly skeptical I figured I should do some more research and this is what I found out:

There are many counterfeit GEVEY sims in the market, all are very similar in appearance, but they have a lot of problems such as increased power consumption, iPhone standby times are noticeably shorter and difficulty in inserting and removing the SIM card. It is hard for you to easily distinguish between the original and fake GEVEY sims but the main difference between them is that original one uses F981 chips. You can see the digital numbers on the Gevey SIM (The black part). And the counterfeit one uses F300 chips. The manufacturers usually wipe the numbers out, and you will not see any digital numbers on the black part.

After the genuine GEVEY Sim is exposed to bright light, you can see the black chip has F981 written on it. Fake GEVEY sim uses F300 chips. Use of counterfeit sim cards is related to risks. The appearance and size is the same, but the main difference is in the power consumption of the sim. With the fake sim (F300-chip) voltage ranges from 3-3.6V, so the SIM card operates at 3.0V while the original GEVEY sims operates at 1.8V. Also, the thickness of fake GEVEY sim is twice the thickness of the F981-chip. This can lead to GEVEY tray being stuck in the iPhone, hence, this explains the difficulty in getting your sim card in and out of your cell phone.

So, when buying your GEVEY SIM  card from, ensure it comes with F981 printed on the chip as it drains less of your iPhone battery and has better signal reception. Also, it protects you from being scammed. With the above information, no need to be skeptical, you can unlock your iPhone using this affordable choice rather than buying a factory unlocked iPhone.

iPhone jailbreak will unlock your device so that you can install third-party applications on it that are not available in Apple's iTunes using an application called Cyndia. Some of the other popular applications people install once their phone is jail-broken are: MxTube which allows you to download and save YouTube videos on iPhone, V-Out is a software that allows any iPhone content on your TV and PDANet or iPhoneModem which lets you use your iPhone as a modem, allowing you to connect your laptop to the Internet via the phone.

Pros and Cons of iPhone jailbreak and Android Rooting

These all sounds cool but the downside is, Apple will not support a device that has been jail-broken. Also some devices become unstable causing crashes when making or receiving a call. Jailbreaking could potentially invalidate your warranty due to your violation to your provider's terms of service.

Since jailbreaking methods are without explicit official permission from the manufacturers and incidentally forgo most security protocols, they are susceptible to viruses and vulnerable to exploits that feed hackers your personal information.

Not to be mistaken, there are many iPhones that are jail-broken and have worked fine. The good thing is that your can always restore your phone to its previous state using iTunes. Just make sure to back up your data before attempting to iPhone jailbreak.

According to Apple, jailbreaking is not illegal but Apple strongly cautions against installing any software that hacks the iPhone OS.

Rooting is a term that addresses the Android operating system describing a similar process to iPhone jailbreak. In both methods you take administrative control over the operating system. However, the purpose of rooting is a little different from jailbreaking.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to jailbreaking and rooting your smartphone:

# 1 You can get access to attractive new features and added power but at the risk of potentially voiding your warranty, endangering your personal information or even cause irreparable damage to your smartphone.

Note: Phone manufacturers do not want you to do it because of the small number of cases in which it can make the phone unstable or open it up to security breaches. It then makes them look bad because it is their phone that is crashing and introduces malware to your network.


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  4. You may probably be wondering what is iPhone jailbreak. Jailbreaking means hacking an electronic device's default security and operating limits. It generally refers to the hacking of Apple's iOS mobile operating system, but may be applied to other types of gadgets such as iPad.

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