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Holiday in Kenya-Christmas at Mount Kenya

This year it is all about getting away from the city for Christmas. This year, I recommend you to relax in a green, cool environment where you can breathe clean air and where the most traffic you want to witness is nature and animal walk within Mount Kenya Safari Club.

It is a large and complex organization standing over 100 acres containing a diverse range of accommodation, an 18-hole golf course, nature and bird walks, horse riding, massage and other spa activities, mountain bike trails, swimming, conference facilities, shops and galleries.

Families on vacation can indulge in front of a massive stone fireplace in a grand cottage with stunning views of the mountain and have a peaceful time while kids amuse themselves with mountain bikes, horse rides or simply frolicking on the vast grounds. During Christmas, they offer discounts of up to 10% to early bookings.

And of course there is the food.When the head chef of Fairmont chain in Kenya is around, the fare is very good. Here is a sneak preview into some of their specially created menu for Christmas day:    

Christmas Day Lunch:
Ruby Mimosa and Christmas Punch served at your table, Starters from the Buffet include:
  • Platter of cold cuts, homemade pate and chicken liver mousse
  • Iced seafood display to include oysters, spiced shrimp, cerviche shooters, cracked crab
  • Pickled herring remoulade, tomato horseradish and mignonette
  • Herb potato Bellini station with smoked tuna, sailfish & salmon caviar
  • Capers, creme fraiche, lemon, onion, egg & chive
  • Cold soup station
  • Array of home made salads including, Thai chicken, Moroccan orange & olive, egg plant, chick pea, lentil, garden greens, arugula, Greek vegetable, French bean, carrot & raisin. Pineapple & cabbage slaw, selection of fresh organic greens and garden vegetables and its dressing.
This Year, you may even opt to eat with the giraffes as your ruby beet borscht and chive sour cream is served at your table. At the chef's carving station includes the roasted corn-fed turkey with apricot chipolata stuffing. Rosemary garlic jus and cranberry sauce and lets not forget the whole roasted sucking pig, lemon, thyme and pear sauce. On the hot buffet, you'll find: pan seared tilapia saffron butter sauce, lamb kebabs, chicken tikka masala. Buttered penne pasta, steamed potatoes with herbs and butter, French beans with spiced walnuts, ginger orange carrots, minted peas and onions. Chicken & fish tikka, biriani basmati rice, raitas, chutneys and pickles & condiments. From the cheese corner, you'll enjoy; brie, Camembert, Stilton, goats cheese and selection of local Kenyan cheese.

On the dessert buffet, Enjoy; homemade Christmas pudding served with brandy sauce, raisin and rum bread and butter. Pudding assortment of yule logs, cake, black forest, fruit tart, candy in jars and creme brulee. German chocolate cake, savarin, pineapple up side down cake. Also available are cascaded Kenyan carved fresh fruits served with fresh fruit coulis and sauces.

To finish off, you'll be served with: freshly-brewed coffee and Kirimara tea with festive petit four. So, next time you decide to visit Mount Kenya Safari Club, ask the chef, what's for dinner?


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