Home Lighting Decor - Using Eco Friendly Lamp Shades for a Green Design

Whether you are moving into a new home or you simply want to re-decorate your existing space, one easy yet striking way to add warmth and color to your space is to work with lighting. from the table lamps, stand-alone lamp shades, to fancy chandeliers and wall fittings, light fixtures can drastically alter the visual rhythm of a space

Affordable, stylish Eco friendly lighting solutions can be created using goat pelt. It is hand stitched with wrought iron and beaded designs. To add impact to your space, simply introduce a custom-made ethnic chandelier in the same color scheme as your furniture covering can go along way. In a study room or bedroom, table lamps are functional and attractive. Also, mounting matching shades on hallways and placing fllor lamps in more informal spaces like a TV room or sitting room adds a colorful and illuminative touch.

One decor trend catching on nowadays is to opt for brightly colored lampshades to create an effect of diffused colored light in the entire room. If goat pelt is not your material of preference, coconut fiber is another Eco-friendly and green design element. This fiber naturally, drops to the ground after new leaves are formed so it is completely sustainable and ecologically friendly material. You can choose from a wide selection of coconut fiber floor, table and ceiling lampshades.

A third way to use unique lighting to add an ethnic touch is by using decorative lampshades made from recycled aluminum.All of these beautiful sustainable unique decorative fixtures are available locally.

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