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Ice cream Dessert-Pros and Cons of a Frozen Yogurt Mix

There was a time when the only options we had for milky, frozen dessert were tasty but fattening ice cream and the much healthy but not yummy yogurt. Happily, some genius figured out that the best way to get the best of both worlds in one tub is to produce a dairy dessert that is halfway between ice cream and yogurt and froyo came to be and women are going crazy for it, be it in London, New york, Dubai, Mumbai and now Nairobi!

Many of these frozen yogurt franchise receive frequent visits from dessert-obsessed women who want to fulfill their urge. In other parts of the world, the frozen yogurt (froyo) experience has taken to a whole new level. Froyo lounges are now being created to target the more sophisticated and adult consumer, and flavors are being finely adjusted just for them. you can now be spoilt for choices with shades of green tea, ginger or elderflower flavored froyo.

On the whole, women out there love froyo because it tastes good and it's healthier than most other desserts. I personally love frozen yogurt but I don't believe it's really that much healthier so here are some of the pros and cons of this frozen yogurt:

  • Yogurt contains live and active cultures (good bacteria), provided the yogurt has not been heat-treated. These cultures help fight off bad bacteria, help in digestion and produce vitamins.
  • The main ingredient is milk as opposed to cream, which makes it healthier than ice-cream.
  • If you are lactose intolerant, frozen yogurt is fine for you to eat because yogurt contains certain enzymes that help you break down the dairy content, which you body is unable to break down.
  • It's a good way to get a dose of dairy, as most adults do not consume nearly as much dairy as is required.
  • Flavored frozen yogurt contains a lot of added sugar so it's not really low calorie.
  • Some frozen yogurt manufacturers heat-treat the yogurt, this kills all the live and active cultures that are supposed to present for something to be considered yogurt. This also takes away the nutritional benefit of yogurt.
  • Frozen yogurt is nowhere near as healthy as natural, home made frozen fruit dessert.
  • The fun toppings such as brownie bits or chocolate shavings defeat the purpose of a low calorie dessert.
Therefore, ladies, froyo is definitely a healthy alternative to ice cream but it shouldn't be considered a healthy food unless you are going to go for low fat, skimmed natural frozen yogurt topped with granola and fruit. Sorry ladies, but if you are looking for healthy, its got to be fat free!

Also, it's advisable to make your own yogurt. Homemade yogurt drinks are fun to do because you may use any flavor you like and even add more things into your glass like fruits and nuts. Here is a recipe of a homemade yogurt.

Homemade Yogurt
  • 2 L skimmed milk
  • 3/4 cup plain yogurt
  • 3/4 cup powdered milk
  • Heat the skimmed milk to feel warm to fingers.
  • Turn off the heat. Add in the yogurt and the powdered milk whisking to blend well.
  • Cover and let stand at room temperature for about 12 hours. It will have cooled and curdled.
  • Beat and pour into a container.
  • Store in the fridge.


  1. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Nice post and recipe! definetely will try it some time. I heard of science and techynologies penetrating in this cooking field. Hope, they will contribute a lot to frozen ice cream desserts and yogurts (i do not like them a lot, but frozen ones are very delicious things).

  2. Very elegant and tasty sweets ideal for these festive days!

    Ice cream desserts


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