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Infant Child Care-What to Look Out For

Child Care Tips

Infants are so lovely; you can't help adoring this phase of your child's life. children are a handful and since  both of you are new to each other and perhaps a little awkward still. It's important to be familiar with your child by following these tips on their development , care and needs.

  • One of the most effective ways to help your young child develop language skills is to read to him often. Reading to a young child helps them develop their imagination and reasoning. If you are too busy to read to your child during the day, develop a night-time routine where you read a bedtime story together.
  • Whispering in the ear of a nervous, tense child helps to calm her down. 
  • To prevent your child becoming addicted to sugary foods such as sweets and sodas, do not give sweets during the first year, though fruits are allowed. During the second year, limit the intake of sweet foods to special occasions. Encourage the consumption of fruits to satisfy a sweet tooth.
  • When you are throwing a birthday party for your children, keep it simple as possible. Allow them plenty of time to play on their own as you supervise.
  • Add a drop of vanilla or drinking chocolate to pure milk for a tasty drink. this is useful if your child refuses to drink milk.
  • As soon as your child is able to communicate, warn him not to take any medicine or chemicals. Ensure that you store them out of reach.
  • Make a natural cough and syrup for children by mixing honey, lemon, root ginger and a pinch of garlic in warm water, and give one tablespoon in the morning and at bedtime.
  • It's normal for children to go off food from time to time, due to the growth cycle. At such times, do not feed them forcefully. The little quantity they agree to eat is enough to provide enough nutrients each day.
  • Children are creatures of habit and routine. Set clear schedules on hassle-free days.
  • Make homemade toys from used cartons, empty containers and other materials found around the house. involve your child in their creation to help develop her creative mind.
  • Sew the buttons on your school uniform using dental floss. This keeps them from falling off.
  • Lastly, boost your child's self-esteem daily by telling him or her that you love them often.


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