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Mobile Phishing-How Your Phone Gets Hacked

Simple Tips to Mobile Phone Security

As technology in the mobile sector advances, targeting more users, there is a growing trend of phone phishing. Phishing, is where a cyber criminal or a fraudster pretends to be a legitimate organization, such as a bank or websites of major retailers, in order to deceive you into giving up personal and financial information such as account or credit card information. Two key areas through which

Mobile phone phishing is one way through which your cell phone can be hacked. These phishing attacks are launched behind fake wireless application protocol (WAP) pages and exposed domain names. WAP pages are website pages customized for compatibility on mobile phones, hence they have reduced file sizes and graphics.

Many organisations and companies use WAP pages to easily display their brands on mobile devices. Therefore, these pages use reduced levels of web design technologies, making them easier to fake. In some cases, phishing sites use fake WAP pages to request for user's login details after which it opens the legitimate major websites.

The case for altered domains at times used by cyber-criminals stems from the fact that URLs for mobile phone screens are shortened when shown in the address bar. This can allow attackers to create deceptive URLs to cheat you. Phishing attacks collect sensitive data from users' that can be used for fraud. for example, recently Nokia alerted phone users over computer scams on mobile phones. Fraudsters were using the Nokia brand to cheat people via SMS that they were winners of a Nokia promotion and UK lottery. to sensitize the public, it warned recipients from replying to the message or calling the UK number that came along with the scam message.

Sometimes back, Google had to seal up software loopholes which exposed its android OS to malware that compromised users' data. Software exposures in the OS allowed a malicious DroidDream programme to root the smart-phone to serves set up by the hackers to harvest data.

Root-kits on mobile phones can relay users' data without the phone owner realising the extend of damage and even their very existence on the phone. Although hackers have not infiltrated the mobile money networks, there are chances of individuals being targeted from within their mobile phones.

To be safe, you are advised to remain alert. Also, there is need for you to observe basic security measures when using your cell phone.


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