Professional Social Network-A Must for Today's Professionals

Professional social networks are places where you'll find people who care about the same things. Unlike in Facebook and LinkedIn, professional social networking is not about having the most friends. They are about gaining knowledge, building reputations, increasing expertise and connecting with industry leaders, movers and shakers. That is where the real value of professional networks resides. Here is a list social networks of various expertise:

Medical: Hospitals have limited resources, as do medical journals. Some of the social networking sites that are really good at making medical resources available for doctors include Sermo and Ozmosis: and all Nurses for nurses.

Academic: There are social networks for about every profession. Academia allows research professionals to upload their papers and share them with other academics in over 100,000 research areas. Epernicus and Protenos also allow private institutions and corporations to connect and collaborate in a number of fields.

Accounting: A good accounting-specific social network can help accountant keep up to date with the activities of various colleagues, for example, how they are dealing with changes in financial law or tax regulations. Accounting network, Accounting Resource network and Accountancy based are great resource areas.

Legal: Like medicine, law is extremely complex. A case can swing either way depending on a lawyer's ability to find an unclear case in point for the ruling they want. It therefore, makes sense to pool resources and experiences. Lawyrs, Legal playground and Attorneys onlinE connect lawyers from around the globe. The sites also offer a directory of legal firms and publications.

Engineering: Engineers specialize in a number of specific areas. At times, however, a project worked on by an engineer in one field will require the expertise of an engineer in another region. In cases like that, it saves time and money if the first engineer able to find the second in the kind of resource database offered by social network. Engineering Daily, CR4 and Society of women engineers allow for those kind of connections.

These social networking websites are a collection of resources, connections, reputation, ideas, experience, knowledge and expertise. How about you? what other professional social networks do you use? Kindly share them below as a comment.

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