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Room and Home Furniture-Tips on How to Buy and Decorate Them

Tips on How to Buy Home Furniture

The first thing that attracts you to any furniture item is usually how it looks, from its frame to the color used. However, before you part with your hard-earned money and the furnishing wears out several months later, here are tips when buying home furniture.

Quality: Test the frame, springs and the covering on the furniture to decide its workmanship. Well built pieces are usually solid and heavy to lift. Sit in a chair to make sure it is spacious and comfortable. Cushions should be have well-defined corners and secure but hidden zips. Items such as bows and buttons should be firm and well sewn. Cushions should be plump and well-shaped. If they look hollow, that is usually a sign of insufficient stuffing. The arm rests, should be large and well set to comfortably accommodate arms and a person in a  leaning position. Also, remember that with quality furniture, the fastening is less obvious and the sanding and finishing is even.

Suitability: Make sure the style of your chosen piece complement the other furniture in your home. Attractive pieces can always be re-covered or the wood stained to match your current furniture. Also, make sure it fits into the space in which it is intended for.

Look out for these defects?

Before you pay for that furniture, look for defects such as scratches, loose strings on the covering. Painting is usually the first attempt to remove the blemished area. For the wood furniture, the grain should show through the paint work. Be on the look out for area that are bubbled which means improper drying, and brush strokes, which are a sign of poor workmanship. Nails should not be easily detected and should be colored to match the piece, and protected from rust. Look out for unfinished threads in woven pieces. For rugged pieces of furniture, be on the look-out for splinters and poor joinery.

Another way to detect for flaws is to look where the manufacturer is hoping you won't; below the surface. This will show the type of wood used in construction. Check for loose screws, springs and padding that is not well sewn. While this is the part of furniture that is most raw, it will give you an indication of the type of care that went into the furniture construction.

Reasons Why you Should Hire a Decorator

Most people prefer to decorate their homes on their own. However, expert advice, while expensive, is always valuable because they have the training and experience to efficiently translate your design options. Even it you're always bent to decorate your own home, there are several advantages to hiring an interior decorator.

They will assist you to come up with themes and design styles that you like, and even show you ways to mix different styles together.

They save you money in the long run. They normally have good networks with designers, furniture shops and home stores. Once you give them a budget, they can help you create the look you want for less. Hiring a professional also helps you get it right the first time, rather than trying to rectify costly mistakes with furniture or paint later on.

They will re-create your room with simple touches like a different layout or a new color scheme. They are skilled at combining elements to create harmony and balance while staying within the guidelines of your budget and wishes.

During your first discussion, your designer should talk through your ideas to understand your decorating taste and style and lifestyle. the decorator should take a look at your home, analysing your requirements and desires. Thereafter, they are able to present you with ideas that can include a sample board of fabric, paint options and picture of furniture.

Some designers will charge an hourly rate but most will charge a project fee which is normally dependent on your budget. You can also choose the option of just paying a design fee and implementing the decor scheme yourself.


  1. Easy to understand tips. Thank God I found your post. Gives me more ideas and tips since I'm planning to have a room make over soon.


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