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How to Get a Good Facial

A facial can be one of the most relaxing things you can do for your face, or it can be a nightmare that results in breakouts and even infections. If you have just started shopping for a facialist, or you've had a negative experience and are considering another try, here are a few tips to help protect your skin and your experience.

Spa's Hygiene: Don't be afraid to check out the entire salon and ask questions. Any salon or spa that does facials should be spotless clean, not just the area where facials are performed, but the entire place. If it isn't, beware. Anyone who will be exposing your sensitive skin to treatments should be serious about cleanliness. Let the cleanliness and hygiene of those working in the salon or spa be your first indication as to whether or not you want to trust your face to them.

Therapist Consultations: You know you'll get a good facial if the therapist starts with a thorough consultation to discuss your concerns and determine your skin's needs. The correct facial prescription is crucial so that you walk out with brighter, more evenly toned skin.

Keep in mind that you should be totally honest when the therapist asks about your regular home skincare routine. Don't be embarrassed to admit you don't remove your make-up before sleeping. The facialist should ask you if you are using any products or medication that may affect what she uses. Be sure she knows if you're using retinol, vitamin C or any prescription drugs which may cause skin irritation. Being honest helps build a picture of what you're doing at home that makes your skin look the way it does.Also avoid facial altogether if you have a skin disease such as cystic acne or rosacea. Instead see a dermatologist for any treatments you may want to try.

During your facial treatment, you may experience some tingle as some products used in the procedure are actively changing your skin, but your facialist will let you know if this Sensation is normal. Stress and dehydration can make any product feel uncomfortable.

If you had a night out the previous day, your skin PH will have changes and the skin will try to drink up moisture too quickly. If you are stressed, the release of natural histamines in the body can make your skin react to facial products. However, keep in mind the fact that nothing about a facial should be painful so if any part of your treatment hurts feel free to ask the facialist to ease up.

After having a facial, here is how to make the results last:
  • Avoid wearing make-up on the same day you've had facial
  • For the next two days, stay out of the sun.
  • Only do a basic cleanse and moisturise your face.
  • For a lovely face, have a facial done at least once a month. This is how long it takes for the dead skin cells to be shed and for new skin cells to come to the surface.
A good facial is all you need for beautiful skin. You'll look great, with or without make-up if you look after your skin with regular preventative treatments.


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