How to Start a Dog Breeding Business

One way of getting financial independence is stating a business. Learning how to start a dog breeding business isn't for everyone, but if you have the knowledge about a particular breed it's a brilliant idea. But just like any other venture it takes a lot to start and run the business.

Financing Your Seed Capital: Dog breeding venture is expensive and time consuming, if the correct standards are to be maintained. This includes 70 kg dog meal per day, costing $ 30. The dogs are also fed with milk, raw eggs, soup and other supplements daily. Training a dog is also a costly affair. This will cost $ 300 per month for every dog. Therefore, if your source of capital is a bank loan, It's very important to develop a plan of repaying it in advance so as to avoid instances of losing it all due to default. Perhaps a ridging loan from a relative might be a useful consideration.

Other options which you can exploit to avoid defaulting includes starting the business small then growing it over time. You will realize that scaling down will leave part of the loan untied thus accessibility for repayment of the loan. This might not sound like a wise idea, but that might seem to be the only way out of defaulting.

This means, have a portion of the loan committed in starting up the business and the rest in and having it stand by for the repayment of the loan until the business can generate some cash flow. In case there are no buyers as yet, to pre-sale your puppies. Remember, defaulting at any point shall ruin your chances of obtaining another loan into the future.

Understand the Dog Breeding Business: Dog breeding takes a lot of patience, hard work, knowledge and commitment, so it;s not something to start on a whim. However if you are up to the challenge, a dog breeding business can be quite rewarding financially and personally. For example, with a single female dog normally giving birth to between 9 and eleven puppies at a go. You can sell each at $ 180 and you can recoup the money you invested in buying food, caretaker fee e.t.c.

It's important to have a good amount of knowledge about the dog you wish to breed. For example, to breed pure German shepherd dog, a breed that is preferred by police and security guard companies. Your breeding dogs should be selected from known working bloodlines with excellent top-line to avoid incidences of hip dysplasia, a disease of hip joints that is particularly common in large breed dogs.

 Of course, breeding dogs is a continuous learning process, so it's recommended that you research the history, appearance, feeding habits, temperament and other information on your breed beforehand. Learn about the grooming and training required to keep up the standards of a dog type.

 Research on the requirements: If you want to be successful in your business, it's essential to know the standards that have been put in place for the breed. Keeping up to date on breed trends is the key element of success when learning how to start a dog breeding business.

Conduct some feasible study; you have to evaluate the community, the environment, location, lifestyle of your target market. Last but not least the legal framework surrounding dog breeding business.

Keep good records: Have all the dog's documents, including medical history, proof of registration and other items up-to-date at all times. This required for customers who expect proof of pedigree and to sell the puppies with all documentation ready to go.

Your dogs will require a good amount of care while pregnant, and need at least one pre-natal visit to the veterinarian. More visits may be required depending on the situation. For example, a German shepherd dog requires a hip x-ray examination an exercise known as hip scoring. It's also, important you learn about the birthing process ahead of time and prepare properly for the event.

Remember, all business have an element of risk attached to them and it's, therefore, advisable to only take calculated risks. This entails having established a certain level of operational preparedness and putting in place the processes and procedures that constitute the value which customers are willing to pay for. And yourself having determined that the sum total of your activities results in a profit for the business to be viable

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