Ideas for Window Curtains and How To Dress Them

Curtains are an important part of your decor scheme as they will affect the overall mood, look and feel of a room. Before choosing a style, start by taking into account the window itself, the architecture of your home and the amount of natural light the room receives. An attractive window is an architecture of your home and the amount of natural light the room receives.

An attractive window is an architectural feature that must be shown off, not hidden behind swathes of fabric. However, if you have an unattractive view or an unattractive window, attractive curtains can do wonders to spruce it up.

Choosing a Style

Your style of window treatment will also depend on the practical functions that such treatments serve in providing privacy. This becomes crucial if one lives in a flat or a cluster of town houses that overlook each other. Windows treatments can also help to keep out the cold. some homeowners opt to use heavy curtains during the cold months and light sheers during the hot months. Curtains can also block light and this is crucial for west-facing rooms which receive a lot of afternoon sun.

If you have a small, dark room, using pale or sheer curtains allows maximum natural light to come in. This is crucial for not-facing rooms which receive little sunlight. Pale coloured treatments are best for windows that receive little or no direct sunlight as these encourage the greatest amount of light reflection in a room.

However, if your window opens up to a very good view and privacy is not a major consideration, the emphasis is normally on minimal curtains or even, no curtains at all.

Size: The size of the room also has a bearing on your window treatment. Large rooms with high ceiling lend themselves to elaborate window treatments. In large rooms, swathes of curtain also help to make the room appear cozy. smaller rooms require simple unfussy curtain treatments. If you have a low ceiling, hang your curtain as high as possible as this creates the illusion of higher ceiling.

Window Type: In addition, the type of window will further dictate what you can do with your curtains. For instance, if you have long narrow windows, normally called sash windows, simply place the curtain poles beyond the frames to create an illusion of more width.

French windows are wide and dramatic and one can choose to leave them unadorned or to opt for the classic swags and tails. Picture windows are simple in design and box in shape, hence the name. They are the most common shape of windows and work best with blinds or simple treatment.

Another type of window is the bay, which curves in a circular or angular fashion. Rather than hanging the curtain track right across the window, which literally cuts off the window when curtains are dawn, opt instead to have the tracks laid following the curve of the window.

If your window is arched, do not conceal its elegant curve. Have a pole fitted well above the arch and make it wide enough for the curtains to draw back completely. If privacy is not a big issue, confine the curtain to the lower part of the window leaving the arch open above.

Function: The rooms in which you hang your curtains will influence the type and style of window dressing. For children's rooms, choose appropriate, easy to clean fabric in bright colors with themes, character and motifs that children can relate to. The master bedroom will usually require maximum privacy, so cover the windows completely in sift lavish fabric to help create a secure, restful and luxurious mood.

However, if you share the room with your husband, avoid overly fussy, feminine motifs on the curtains such as rose flowers etc. Avoid hanging curtains in the kitchen especially if the window is near a cooker. Curtains hanging over sink will discolor as they are splashed by running water or brushed by wet hands.

If you absolutely must use curtains, secure them a with tie-backs and make them as short as possible. A better alternative for humid kitchens and bathrooms is blinds. Lining, while not necessary, is usually recommended as it improves the hang of the curtains and prolongs their life.

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