Skinny Jeans for Women-How to Wear Them

Skinny 80's style jeans have made a huge comeback. They have been on the scene for almost three years now, and don't seem to fading anytime soon. Skinny jeans can look great, but only if you wear them right. The million-dollar question is: do you have to be skinny to wear skinny jeans? No! absolutely not. When most women don't even consider themselves skinny, why would they choose a jean labelled in such a way?

Different from flared or boot cut jeans, skinny jeans are tight throughout the leg, tapering in toward the ankle. The leg openings are skinny.

How Do You Wear Them?

How to wear skinny jeans depends on several factors; your sense of style, fashion and ultimately, your confidence. Skinny-leg jeans look great on models and celebrities, but can real women pull off this runway look? Sure, if you follow a few guidelines:
  • Skinny jeans don't have to be so tight that the side seams are about to burst. Try to get jeans that have a bit of stretch in them so you won't feel constricted. Skinny jeans can look just as good in a style that is scrunched up a bit around your ankles and is of a slightly looser fit. Don't get them too loose though, otherwise what's the point of them being called 'skinny jeans'.
  • Balance off the effect of skinnies by wearing a loose and flowing top over them. Baby roll dresses or tunics work quite well. It looks even better with a belt over the waistline. If you want to go for a less girly look, get loose-fitting (not baggy) t-shirts in dark colors or with graphics or slogans on it. Vests can also give you an edgy look.
  •  Wearing heels or wedges with your skinny jeans can make you look taller. Ballets flats and slip vans, though common, look best on taller people or people with longer legs
Here are tips on what to wear with skinny jeans:
  •  The most slimming look comes from skinny jeans in a dark blue or black wash
  •  You don't have to go with skin-tight jeans to get the look.
  •  One of the key elements for pulling off skinny jeans is to balance it with volume on top, including dolman-sleeve tops, bell-sleeves tops or tunics.
  •   Disguise heavy thighs by wearing a longer, belted tunic.
  •   Cover up thick calves by tucking skinny jeans into tall boots.
  •   Wear heels with skinny jeans for a leg-lengthening look; pointy-toed flats also work well.


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