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Top 7 Best World Cup Goals

Football is about scoring goals by all means possible and some have been ranked the best in the history of the World Cup. For me, World cup is the 'Greatest Show on Earth" because all the World class players such as Messi, Ronaldo, Rooney, Tevez, Torres, Fabregas, Eto'o, Kaka are all in one stage, gunning for football's ultimate prize.

Here are some of the World Cup memorable goals, beginning with the one that remains indisputable since the '80s to date:

Diego Maradona (Mexico 1986): He collected a harmless dead ball from Hector Enrique inside his own half. He peddled it towards the English goal, past defenders Brian Hodge, Peter Beardley, Terrence Fenwick and Terry Butcher before rounding off custodian Peter Shilton. That 10 second 60-meter solo run, provided the best World Cup goal ever, the goal of the century.

Michael Owen (France 1998): Owen, then just 18, received a half line pass from David Beckham. He surged alone past three Argentine defenders, smashing the ball far post past goalkeeper Carlos Roa.

Esteban Cambiasso (Germany 2006): It was the second goal in Argentina's 6-0 demolition of Serbia and Montenegro where a free flowing 24-pass bonanza ended with Juan Romano Riquelme's slipped pass to Cambiasso. Who knocked it to Herman Crespo, who heeled it back to Cambiasso and eventually a chip into the net.

Saeed Al-Owairan (USA 1994): The Saudi midfielder began his slow upward movement towards the Belgian goal in the first round from deep inside his own half.  With no opponents closing in, he paced past four Belgian players, blasting the ball home past goalie Michel Preud'homme.

Maradona (Still Mexico 1986): He brushed off, leaving three Belgian defenders for dead in the semi-final, as he penetrated deep with one player left. He juggled the ball over his left foot, dummied away, and rifled it past Jean-Marie Pfaff.

Roberto Baggio (Italia 1990): Though more remembered for his penalty goof against Brazil in the finals of 1994, the 'pony-tailed Buddhist' provided a sublime moment against the Czechs in the first round. He received a half-line pass, dribbled past two defenders, cut into the penalty area after a ballet sideshow, slotting a low shot into the net.

Dennis Bergkamp (France 1998): It was a thrilling quarter-finals encounter, Argentina vs Netherlands. Bergkamp deftly controlled a long pass from defender Frank de Boer in the 89th minute, side-stepped defender Roberto Ayala and rifled into the roof of the net passed a helpless goalkeeper Carlos Roa.

You can watch these goals on YouTube, but feel free to add your own three favorites to make them 10.


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