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Watching Internet on your TV

TV has never been this exciting since Saturday morning cartoons. Being the center piece of attraction in our living rooms, many of us lounge away watching programs. Now, when there's nothing interesting to see you can always turn to watching internet on television.

By connecting your TV to internet you can get unlimited supply of television shows, music, videos, live concerts and even news. It's an adventure where TV meets the web, apps and search. So, here are devices that will enable you surf internet on your TV:

Safaricom Webbox - This plug and play 'keyboard-like' design. It is cheap and easy to set up because it is equiped with modem and uses RCA connectors and costs $ 50. It is the only device that connects to the television and lets you access the internet using a mobile SIM card. Working on a mobile networks of 2.5G and Edge networks for data access. You are able to browse the internet, e-mails, manage online data and any other activities a computer does. It's a perfect gift for someone without a computer 

Roku - This little player about the size of a hockey puck is simple, cheap and easy to connect. It allows you to stream video channels such as Netflix, Amazon prime, Hulu and Pandora radio. You can also browse flickr and facebook photos. On the downside YouTube is not available as a Roku channel.

TiVo HD - This device helps you stream variety of videos from Youtube, movies from Netflix and amazon and television shows. Furthermore, it lets you enjoy music and pictures that are stored on your computer. Other than the known existin features, the new Tivo box size has more recording time, new hardware processor and USB support. On the cons side, it has no built in wifi.

Vudu - This box allows you to buy or rent a large collection of videos in HD quality. What is more, it grants access to Youtube videos, flickr photos. Also it streams videos from such sites as ESPN and CBS. Compared to Apple TV, vudu has higher HD content. Overall the Vudu is the internet based movie service to beat.

Apple Tv - This is an amazing compliment to your home theatre. The setup is easy as pie. After plugging in the HDMI cable, the optical cable, the power outlet and then adding it to the wireless network; you're good to go.  Apple's secret source is the simplicity of their products, the menu effectively allows you to stream whatever is on your iTunes to your TV and home theater system. Moreover, it has built in support for Netflix, You Tube and a few other internet based media content providers.

Google Tv - This is the greatest thing since sliced bread! Connecting the wireless router to your DVR (CirectTV) is really easy. The search makes it easy to explore your programming, it's also pretty handy for the more inconspicuous channels. It comes with Chrome browser therefore, the perfect gift for someone who does NOT have a computer. The greates potential for Google TV lies with apps/content. It comes pre-loaded with twitter, Amazon, NBA Game time, Netflix, Napster and other apps from Android market. Also, your android or Iphone can be used to contro your Google TV in place of remote control.


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