2 Ways To Match Your Music To Your Cocktail Recipes

Do you remember, the classics of don't worry, be happy, the tutti frutti's and the hippy hippy shakes'? Well, those were all-important beats during cocktail hour.

With today's puffing, self-loving rhythmes it's difficult to create that essential sensual, when sipping your mixed cocktail. With Drinkify, a site that matches your cocktail recipes to the music you're currently listening to offers the best solutions to your predicament.

For example, if Rihana track is playing in the background, the site recommends 1 oz. (Red Bull, Tabasco sauce and lemon sour) served in highball glass and garnished with an olive. Those listening to Ladysmith Black Mambazo can go for 1 bottle of Ecstasy and a bottle of sprite mixed vigorously and served in highball glass.

You'll find practically any music with Drinkify, this is because they use Last.fm huge music database.

You may also opt for a mixed song CD. After browsing the Amazon, I noticed a Cocktail 80's which had well over 23 reviews from actual customers and had a star rating well into the fives, nearly as high as Amazon's star ratings can go. Slightly distrustful, I read product description and then skipping to the reviews. I found countless funs, saying that it's a great sound truck album! This is because it consists of mixed songs that could be used for any cocktail party. Addictive beats such as kokomo, simple pleasures and famous Top Gun, Cocktail soundtrucks. Enjoyable music to listen and despite the time, it conjures a sense of bar-tending.

So guys, whatever the occasion, whatever the mood, just remember to pop that cd into your player and see how long it takes the guests to catch on to the rhythm.

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  1. Yeah! I too went through the reviews of Cocktail 80's and am gonna buy that soon. I am sure the experience of the 80's music playing on the background and me and my friends enjoying the drink drink would be out of this world. Thanks for the idea dude!!! Well, I have some easy cocktail recipes to share with you in case you are short on recipes. Just check out coctails.net for their awesome collection.


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